Longstone Rath, Naas, Co Kildare (Niall Quinn's house) -250k


Put on market in 2014, at 2.5m
irishtimes.com/life-and-styl … -1.1756011

Now reduced to 2.25m


When you see what this house (on 9 acres) sold for recently, you feel there are more reductions to come here.

The house itself is a cheaply build simple McMansion type structure (well sub 200 sq ft style).

The land is good, but not enough potential to bring the overall value above 2m in my view.


Longstone Rath, Forenaghts Great, Naas, Co Kildare, W91 EP8R
€1,950,000 - 6 Bed Detached House 511 m² / 5500 ft² For Sale C2 (33 acres)

Further price drop to 1,950,000.

Have we ever seen a house generate so much media copy (and i gave up after a few minutes) ?

I feel bad for the Quinn’s whose house has been on the market for over 2 years now. A simple search of myhome.ie (even back in the mini-bubble of 2014) would have shown that Longstone was solidly overpriced for this part of the world.

I hope they will have more luck at this price - which is the price that they should have started off with. The house and grounds and stables etc. are worth the 950k, and the land is worth over 750k, so the asking is more rational.

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I would dispute that 30 acres of grass is worth 750k.

At 15k/acre (which is the absolute maximum I’ve seen for Kildare) it only comes to 450k.


Actually my bad there - you are right
Thought that it was a more developed area.
You could even say that 12k was the fv.
In that case, I would say that c. 1.5m might be more the target here?


I honestly have no idea.

It looks good from the outside; there are no dimensions on the floor plans or in the listing text, but the layout looks OK with no big echoey spaces. So it’s not a white elephant.

OTOH for many Dubs Naas may as well be the dark side of the moon, and even in Kildare terms it’s the wrong side of the N7, and (as you’ve observed repeatedly) non-period structures depreciate.

edit: I did try to buy something a similar distance out (and similarly rural) in Meath a while back, that I valued (generously) at 15k/acre + current build cost, but the vendor wanted 30% more than my valuation so I bought something else instead. There does seem to be a bit clinging on to noughties valuations, either due to not wanting to realise paper losses or due to some fantasy that a property developer is going to come along and build an estate in the middle of nowhere.

Horses are fun but expensive and/or time consuming to keep. The rental yield on grazing land is ridiculously low, but I suppose in EA terms that means the opportunity cost of keeping them is also low!


Sale agreed for 1.95m apparently
independent.ie/style/celebri … 41203.html


That is a very good price to get for the Quinn’s in this environment - I am surprised that they are advertising it before the contracts have been signed. I would have waited until it was Sold.


Are they “advertising it”, or has the paper simply seen it go sale agreed and built a story around that (also assuming that it has gone for the asking price, when it may have gone for more or less).