Look at Ireland's most STUNNING house...............

Ireland’s most STUNNING house…

(New link June 2013)


I think it speaks for itself!

Pity it’s in Straffan!

How much are they looking for?

Euro 1.75 million. Thinking of buying?

what about the BBC computer in bedroom 1?!

What a headwreck - whats wrong with daft?

Daft doesn’t have that “air of exclusivity”!!!

Delusions of grandeur. Must be the heady influence of the K club. Actual value anyone?

At least the seller has put in a bit of effort. The average Dublin EA would have 4-5 badly taken photos and it would be stuck up on daft and myhome. That will be 2%, thank you.

What a shit website . Although I now have a strong urge to slip into some yachting appparel with a sweater over my shouders and puff away on a very big pipe .

Much easier to view on Myhome.ie:


somebody fupped up with the copy and paste job into the myhome advert

Who was the interior designer Danny La Rue lol

There was one photo that was particularly white like a scene from 2001 a space oddity.

“Website and photography by Florian Knorn” so you’re probably right. Its fabulous…

Its what I call the “8-year-old girl” look.

You know, millionaire marries piece of intellectually stunted arm candy and lets her free on the interior design.
Alas little Ms Ditzy’s level of sophistication is akin to an 8 year old decorating a dolls house.

I’d wager Ditzy’s makeup looks like an 8 -year-olds idea of glamour too.

All very Ken and barbie.

I remember in the 1980s the fashion for huge, ornate pillars on new build houses.
It was very Southfork.

For some reason petrol station owners/ cattle farmers in Monaghan and Cavan were mad for this type of thing -

Cavan chicks rule -

Jesus C, my 2 year old would have a field day in that house. One choclate covered hand would seriosuly reduce the LTV…

All that effort and they made a bollix of it.

And as for you and your apparel and sweater over your shoulders???
Well it’s just how i imagined you might look. :slight_smile:

i was thinking that myself not very child friendly my four would tear the place apart in minutes XX

not every house will have children in it 8-

From the outside, it looks like its worth about €350,000, so they must have spent €1.4 on the insides