Looking after your own - Offaly Airport

An Bord Pleanala

Case Type: Private Development S.37B consultations
Description: Proposed International Airport and associated buildings, international modal distribution centre, commercial technology R and D and education campus, energy park, rail link and motorway interchange
Planning Authority: Offaly County Council
Category: Strategic Infrastructure Dev
Date lodged: 06/02/2009
Midlands Airport Development Ltd (Prospective Appl)An Bord Pleanala

If you build it, eh… I don’t know why they didn’t take a leaf out of Knock’s book and just start digging and diverting money from the black babies appeal (do they still have this in Knock?), no need for ABP permission at all, unless you were looking to make a killing on the back of the planning permission!! Canny, wha! XD

It’s Ryanair’s new “Dublin West” airport! :wink:

It might work. I can see Ryanair flying to Dublin (Offaly).

Oops BrendanG beat me to it.

It’s to give Biffo a quick escape route from the country if the revolution happens to start on a weekend

Wonder will we be subsidizing flights from Offaly to other unviable regional airports…

For some reason I have an image of the fall of Saigon in my head.


What, on Air Farce One?

It would defo have to be on the weekend cause he’d never make it past the M50 if he was trying to escape from Leinster House, especially with the buses out.

The guy building it wants to do a lot of freight business. The farmers involved want to get rich quick.
Ryanair aren’t interested in it as they’ll soon have de facto control of Dublin Airport by being it’s largest customer through their own airline and Aer Lingus ownership.

As a regional passenger airport it isn’t a bad location as the catchment area is large enough to sustain it and it is a more realistic proposition than Knock or Galway airports ever were.

Offaly is not a major road/rail hub, would have thought that other locations that would make more sense commercially to locate an airport dominated by freight. Even if you were thinking Midlands, Portlaoise would make more sense as is on route to Limerick/Cork/Dublin (the 3 most populous, industrialised cities). While it mightn’t be as crazy as Knock, still don’t think it a great idea and the choice is no doubt a political one.

It’s close enough to M4 M6 and as such could be the hub of the midlands and there are a number of reasonable sized towns in the area.

There is a train line bordering the proposed site if I remember correctly the conversation that I had with someone who is friendly with the proposer(not that any company would be silly enough to rely on CIE for transport).
From what I heard the guy proposing the scheme had experience in air freight overseas.

On the passenger side I could see ATR72s or ATR90s(when the exist) working well to the larger UK cities and perhaps to the near European cities with holiday operators flying to sunnier destinations in the summer. I think there are few midlanders that wouldn’t use the airport and adjust their traveling plans accordingly to avoid a trip to Dublin Airport. I live only 20 minutes from DUB and I dread the place.

You’d all be surprised where Ryanair will fly from. If there are passengers, then Ryanair will fly to/from there.

dipole, do you know if the airport will be suitable for A320/737 type jets? (narrow body jets)


Article in local paper.

I have no idea. The person I was talking to who knew the proposer doesn’t know the first thing about the aircraft industry so I couldn’t get the information I wanted out of him.
I’d expect that as freight was being mentioned so heavily in the conversation and that was where the proposers background was that the air strip must be able to accomodate the fleet of the largest global freight carriers.

Me, I just want something that accomodates ATR72s with good connections to UK as an international hub and near Europe.

From Cue ball’s link:

Wow! That’s some proposal.

Yeah come the revolution Biffo and Harney could escape on the same plane :smiling_imp:

from report “criteria for strategic infrastructural development”; that’s the phrase that would tie in with the heading of this topic.
get it classified correctly and ask for grants under spatialization initiative.
If Biffo can get money for an outer ring road for Tullamore then he can get money for an airport. The ring road is such a poor use of resources when you consider that it is near impossible to get from Blanch to Lucan in less than half an hour most times of the day.

This country is nuts. Completely fckn insane.

From the CRO:

Who are these people? How fckn dumb and delusional are they? One thing I know for sure is that they are mates with that fat pig of a Taoiseach and that somewhere along the line (if not already) that the taxpayer will be paying for this bullshit either through grants, tax breaks or non-recourse bank loans.


Clowen will be disappointed, it looks like Biggs Air Force base have already bagesyed his first choice of airport code.

It seems to me that Ireland has far too many airports. For a small country of 4.3 million people why do we need so many state owned airports? I dont mind if private business people wants to build their own airport or airfield but why does the taxpayer have to build and operate all these airports.

In the south of the country we have Waterford, Cork and Kerry. One airport would be enough to service the south of the country. Its this kind of waste that makes me want to stop paying my taxes.