Looking for a list of state/semi-state lands ...

Does anyone know if such a list exists ? where the title is with the state, a council or a minister or a Semi-state …I’d be interested in the top 100 list by area ( probably Wicklow Mountains National park is the largest but its the rest I’m interested in )

Is it the sort of thing An Taisce would do ?

County Councils typically own a very large number of pieces of land. Most of them are made up of little strips here and there etc. Must be a pain to keep track of them all.

CIE Group Property - the land owning body for IR, DB and BE - hold a surprisingly large portfolio.
Apart from the current mainlines (often with wide adjoining embankments and service access ways) depots and stations; much of this is land that was once in use as rail yards and there are numerous odd snippets where former rail facilities such as stock loading halts used to exist beside rail lines, live and extinct.
Threre were some sales in conjunction with the welcome but short-lived rail investments of 2000 / 2005 but an obvious drawback of a lot of their potential off loads for development is proximity to the railway - which is still perceived as noisy and dirty despite quite diesel stock and continuously welded rail - yet most folk are quite happy to live and work beside busy roads!