Looks like China has seen through the US shiny beads policy

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"Political analysts believe full international currency status for the renminbi could take some time to become politically acceptable to the full spectrum of views within the Communist Party, warning that there would be significant policy hurdles surrounding the perceived loss of currency control.

However, China’s soaring economic growth and global financial turmoil could be pushing the process ahead faster than the market expects. Recent measures, including currency swap agreements with several central banks and the allowing of renminbi-denominated crossborder trade, have significantly changed the environment, HSBC said in a research note. "

"Most significant are the policy gambits in the past few months as the global financial crisis has given motive and opportunity for Beijing to test out renminbi internationalisation. China has signed bilateral currency swap agreements with Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Belarus and Argentina worth 650 billion renminbi ($114bn).

Last month, China selected five mainland cities – accounting for 45 per cent of the country’s foreign trade – that can trade with Hong Kong and Macau in renminbi. The program, said Mr Qu, could be rolled out to cover all of China’s trade with Asia except Japan. "

I’ve got a lot of time for Jim Rogers,but predicting the removal of the Fed in the next ten-twenty years?No chance.

How would it happen?The US political system is bought and paid for and run by the Fed,so how would it ever get voted out of existence?