"Looming property crisis" - Sindo

Well, it’s still only Saturday. But the radio ad asks if Bertie will survive with the “looming property crisis” (and something else, can’t remember)

What crisis is this?! I thought everything was just fine…

Don’t panic, everythings fine, there won’t be any problems, take it easy and keep spending … for gods sake keep spending!!! Don’t forget the SSIAs. Sure you’ve never had it so good!

It’s all those damn pesky kids fault … no wait, it wasn’t the pesky kids, it’s those neighsayers on their web site, making up stories about overvalued property markets, what do they know about property? None of them own any of it anyway. Listen to Dr. Dan and Comical Austin, they’ll set you right!

Look, if everyone does their bit and we all buy at least one house each, it’ll be OK!

Buy early, Buy Often!


Blue Horseshoe