Losses mount for Irish in Britain - SB Post

[*Losses mount for Irish in Britain * (https://www.sbpost.ie/post/pages/p/story.aspx-qqqt=NEWS+FEATURES-qqqm=nav-qqqid=28868-qqqx=1.asp)

Plenty more in the article.

Seeing the word savvy does make me giggle. In a non-glee way of course.

per head per capita? Per what now?

That’s scary

In absolute terms little ol’ Ireland invested more than America in the UK property market…

An excellent quote…one to keep. :laughing:

I have never understood the concept of negative growth, does it just mean losing value?

It’s a euphemism for contraction or recession, or as you say losing value. Just a way of making something bad, sound not quite as bad by incorporating positive words, i.e. Spin. Its a form of deception.

its not spin, its "negative Truth "



Someone in the audience on Questions and Answers recently accused Bertie Ahern of being “Uneconomical” with the Truth.

My first thought was that he and Bertie must have been classmates in the same English class.


I love Euphemisms

my favourite one recently is Overhang as a euphemism for Bubble

as in

Make a bad modern banker; not able to concentrate solely on the commission.

Make a good chess player though; playing a few games at once!