lots of sale agreeds recently

Have the EA’s decided to pretend to have sold lots at the end of the spring selling season by going “Sale Agreed” on everything thats been on a long time?
Or is there alot of movement in the market all of a sudden ?


Where I am look (SCD) there has been a lot of movement sub €1m.

A lot of people obviously think there is “value” in Dalkey, Sandycove etc. Sherry Fitz alone have sold about 5 properties in those 2 areas in the last month or so.

O.K. playing a doom and gloom devils advocate, how would the number of transactions compare to a truly awful year for sales e.g. 1986. If they are shifting more than that year then we have a functioning market again but if its less then we (sorry they) are still ******.

There will always be a few people everywhere through personal circumstances who can afford to move because the lotto creates a few millionaires a month.

There was an American EA on the last word yesterday. Apparantly there is lots of activity in the market in California but its all bottom fishers pushing the market down. We could be seeing that here.

And in Florida where a Long Term PINSTER is smelling around this place for $16,500 ( near enuff €10k )

and decided to tell us about it in this thread :smiley:


But that tells you more about how far we are going to fall in future than anything else .

Down here in lovely sunny Mullingar there is no sign of the sun shining on sellers.

Prices are showing real signs of softening up, 3 bed semis are now in the 150K-160K range in some estates and are still not selling.

I’ve spoken with 3 different EA firms in the last week and all say the market is dead and all expected it to remain so during the summer.

The likes of this nice detached 4bed listed at €310K would be expected to attract bids around €270K-€280K but they are still not finding buyers.

It will be interesting to see how many stay sale agreed and progress to sales, as opposed to reverting for sale.

I’ve noticed a few sale agreed’s lately too. Up to recently it was only 2 bed apartments going sale agreed, but recently there have been a few 3/4 bed houses. Would love to know what the agreed prices were because they all seemed way overpriced to me.

We have one sale agreed in our estate but that’s one more than for the past 12 months. The house that had the lowest asking price.
Is that progress?

I’ve noticed this as well, commented here thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=12695
Are the banks lending?? I thought it was like taking pants of a bare arse
Or is it an effort to get the lemmings moving again???

Anyone been watching this more carefuly or have an EA view on whats happening? (or blow the theory out of the water)

irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 96355.html

According to the above article there have been three successful auctions in the last couple of weeks too.

I’m as bearish as most on this site, but sometimes I just wonder…

Don’t know if this is a factor or not, but the Rent to Buy scheme is proving very popular and is being exported to 2 hand houses. I know it’s pretty much a con in a falling market but it’s probably taking supply out of the market


There are two houses sale agreed nearby. One is sale agreed since December 08 and the second sale agreed since March 09.

Actually that one is most interesting , it is a Tracking Rent To Buy .

so how does the activity square with this?
irishtimes.com/newspaper/opi … 07271.html

The top of the market , 2006 , saw our banks giving out €40bn in mortgages and this year will see them give out about €7bn - €10bn ( the latter if a miracle happens ) .

People gave out to me ages ago in 2007 when I predicted that 2008 would see a mortgage market of €25bn but I was right , see here.


Sadly I predicted it would be €15bn in 2009 . I was wrong .So ask yourself.

**How much are houses worth if between 75% and 80% of the money to buy them is **not available **…compared to 2006 ??? **

No offence but not that long ago they made 90k in Pounds so that is the probable ceiling now.

None taken! :laughing:

I wasn’t trying to imply that prices had reached the bottom, rather that in recent times there have been real signs of some sellers lowering their expectations considerably but it hasn’t resulted in many sales.

Still a ways to go but around here at least there are signs of prices not being so sticky.

Some information on pricing in Mullingar from 2003.
Sounds like this one was built around then, Petitswood four bed detached is mentioned as being on the market for E275K.
Judging by the prices in the rest of the article they were a over priced even then.

archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … 714413.asp

Seem to be Sale Agreeds with EAs, but no status change on Daft/MyHome (I’ve encountered three properties like this when I’ve phoned to arrange a viewing). However, although the door is being kept open for higher bids on websites, they won’t arrange viewings.

My friend’s house has recently gone sale agreed, and the EA is not doing more viewings. I’d have thought that it would be more desirable for EAs to continue to market properties, given that so many sales are falling through. Are buyers stipulating that there are no more viewings once it’s SA’d?