Lower Mount Pleasant Avenue, Rathmines (-205, -11%)

€1,695 Nov 23

€1,750 Nov 18

€1,795 Nov 16

€1,825 Nov 12

€1,850 Nov 10

€1,900 Nov 02

Jesus that place is grim, especially the ceilings

Greedy Landlord on a fishing expedition.

40 euro drops are pretty pathetic in the current climate and may actually result in him chasing the market down further than he would need to go if he accepted the current reality of 20 percent drops from pre Covid levels.

By the time he gets there he may have to chase further given the direction and speed of rental cuts at present.

Currently 20 % below May/June, barring a miracle rental is looking at carnage after Christmas.

At least this LL is reacting to the market, how many just leave them for months on end without dropping.

It is going to be intriguing to see what happens after January.

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