lrelands Competitiveness Falls Yet Again

down to 14th we are nowadays. These cheeky Swiss buggers do not think that we have the best roads and telecoms infrastructure on the planet , how dare they , of course we do. After all we are the ultimate knowledge economy. … akdown.pdf

That IMD report came out in May. The Small Firms Association just had a Press Release on it the other day - sharp as ever. There’s another competitiveness report due out soon - the WEF one, I think, in September

We have been slipping these last few years, and largely unnoticed too, due to the property and consumer booms. Hopefully, we can get back to refocussing on exports, where competitiveness is everything.

Interesting graph of trademark applications since 1883, take a look at China. Can you spot Irelands place in the top ten trademark offices :wink: … lications/