Lucan as a place to live

I’ve been on the market looking for a few years and have been thinking recently of buying in Lucan.

Can people please advise me on which would be a good area of Lucan to buy / where not to buy?

Any takers?

Used to live here. There is old Lucan and new Lucan so to speak. Can only speak for old Lucan which is the surrounding areas around the village, serviced by a lot of schools in the area and plenty of buses along with the Maynooth/Celbridge routes. Takes about 35-45 minutes to get into Dublin City on Dublin bus. 20-25 minute drive to citywest. This part of Lucan has an aging population. Never had trouble here in 20 odd years.

New Lucan would be all the new estates beyond Pennyhill and spread right across towards Lucan Superquinn. These were built during the initial boom years. I find this area quite congested in the mornings with mainly school traffic. Summer months are fine. Very young family estates and a mix of all types really, a really mixed bag and it wouldn’t be really fair for me to comment on those areas but I’ll leave at this: I would pick old Lucan areas over new any day.

Houses themselves can be decent semi-Ds regarding to select few of detached in each estate. Then in new Lucan you have a mix of apartments, townhouses, 3 bed semi-Ds and terrace. Apartments/Terrace around the 100-150k mark, 3beds seem to be going from anywhere 180-240k. 4beds 240k-300k. Detached beyond 300k.

I live in new Lucan.
Pros: it’s nice enough, quiet estate, handy enough to get into town, great school, lots of amenities, Corkagh Park, Liffey, Liffey valley shopping centre and all supermarkets within a 5 minute drive.
I know people who live in most of the newer estates and nine of them have any major issue. The two I wouldn’t recommended are Liffey Valley Park and Foxborough.
cons: it’s a bit soulless, just lots of identical housing estates, going for a walk is a very dull experience and you have to drive pretty much everywhere anyway.
The area around the village is much nicer but much more expensive of course.

Used to Live in new Lucan - Would agree with two previous posters…watch out for Earlsfort too a bit of a mixed bag…Do you have a family/children?

In looking at old Lucan you should factor in that the BER rating of some of the homes is poor - see example below. I had a friend who bought in this estate and spent considerable funds in upgrading the energy rating. … pertyAlert

That’s where I live :smiley:

I think compared to its equivalent in North Dublin - Swords its a better place to to live generally.

Check the boudaries for parish/ schools .

If you want kids to go to the single sex Rc schools in the village you need to be in St Mary’s parish, they often mention if you are in EA ads. there are also 4 educate together schools though if that’s your bag and they all work on a first come first served basis so doesn’t matter where you live.

Good to see that you like it…my comment related to the fact that a lot of it is rented? Happen to stand corrected if this is not the case.

I think there are a lot of rented houses in all the new estates in Lucan. Maybe I’m lucky in that there is only one in my 15 house stretch and the tenants are grand. I know people who live in most of the roads in the estate though and haven’t heard any complaints I have to say.
anyone I know who lives in the 2 estates I mentioned hate it though.

could I ask those with knowledge old Lucan, which are the nicer estates to look out for, to start family?

after comparing what 350 gets me in D6w/12 v commuter land I’m beginning to wonder about the wisdom of buying in SCD right now.

Beech P ark but watch out for BER …ratings usually poor.

Laraghcon. Built in 2001 by Shannon Homes. Has matured very nicely. Never any issues there.Is in St Mary’s parish for schools.

Flooding risk should perhaps be considered too?

We’re there not some noise/insulation issues? Plus traffic issues getting out of estate?

The place to buy is Beech Park, Beech Grove, Lucan Heights, Esker Lawns. Not sure if you will still get something around there for your money but you get a decent size family home, good gardens, lots of green areas and it is very safe. Many of the original residents are ‘country folk’ and many younger people who grew up there in the 80’s are now returning to buy there too. They are very settled estates with a good neighbourly feel. These estates are a stroll to the village, to the schools and to the bus stops.
If you were looking at ‘new Lucan’ just be aware that traffic can be a major issues during school times. A lot of houses in new Lucan were originally bought by investors so there are a lot of rentals and less of a community feel. I lived in both old Lucan and new so have a good knowledge so pm me if you want any more info.

My first choice would be Lucan Heights or Ardeevin. Beech Park is nice but the houses are a bit ugly. Also like Esker Lawns. Houses are too small inc Cherbury. Wouldn’t be a fan if Laraghcon the gardens are very small. If your kids are small enough ( not born yet) you’d an get them into one of the ET schools and parish won’t be an issue.

thanks for the input folks.

Hello there
Could I ask your opinion on Cherbury Park Road and Ardeen estates? Would they be considered nice safe places to live in Lucan?