Lugano, 10 woodbine road, Blackrock … in/2327425

FFs is this sale agreed before auction…

Very late 2004. The Bounce is indeed getting bouncier

it was up for auction earlier today, no? … ublin.aspx

Phew, my mistake I misread the myhome ad. :angry:

As it is Sale Agreed and not Sold, are we to assume it failed to sell at auction, but an agreement was reached afterwards ?

Or before? Or are those days gone?

Sold at auction yesterday for a whopping €895k!!!

What price was it on sale for?

As an aside this is no more blackrock than my ar*e

Technically it is.
The division is quite literally straight down that road.
The other side is Booterstown.

I think it was AMV 650k

I would consider it more Booterstown too but Blackrock seems to cover a very wide postal area and I think this is more Blackrock than some of the places I see in Deangrange. Bit of a treck but you could walk to Blackrock village easily enough from here.

Serious - from google maps it looks like Booterstown is on the right and donnybrook on left?


Myhome suggests the AMV was €600k

Maybe to the right is Blackrock but to the left of that road is surely donnybrook? - Cranford Court and Nutley park are donnybrook anyways.

I lived on this road and per An Post it’s Blackrock. To me, that’s a joke. Next door in the Cranford Centre is Donnybrook.

I regard it as Booterstown, but had a few letter pointed out by An Post stickers saying they regard it as Blackrock

yep - looks like right next store is DonnyBrook allright - where has Booterstown gone? :smiley:

And obviously my ar*e is in Blackrock after all.

I live on this road - title deeds of house - Blackrock although in every respect, it’s in Booterstown - local primary School is Booterstown, parish church is Booterstown etc.

One thing that I’ve noticed (and applying to Lugano on my road) is the increase in the number of auctions this year. This house is sale agreed as of yesterday’s auction. If you look at the back of the Times property section, Lisney are advertising a lot of fixer uppers at fairly high reserve prices. Will be interesting to see how they go …

Does your house have an even number ?

Yea, I’m on the same side of the street as Lugano … both sides of the street are classified as Blackrock. The divide between Woodbine and Donnybrook is up at the Cranford Centre.