Lugano, 10 woodbine road, Blackrock

This sold for €895,000 … 87150.html

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The postal address of this property is, according to An Post’s own Address Checker is:

A postal address is the only address An Post care about. Elements of it do not necessarily match the property’s geographical location (or what you think is its geographical location) as it is not a location description, it is routing information. It tells An Post how to route your post through their distribution system to you. The Postal Town in this address is Blackrock. Blackrock is high up in the old P+T hierarchy of post offices (which is partly why it never got included in the numeric Dublin postal districts) and is a major centre for south Dublin deliveries covering Blackrock, Booterstown, Mount Merrion, Deansgrange and Stillorgan, among other areas. In the (continuing :unamused: ) absence of an Irish post code system, the Postal Town is probably the critical component of a postal address. It will get the item to the correct delivery office as quickly as possible and, with a street name and house number, local knowledge will probably get the item to its final destination without delay regardless of what nonsense is written or omitted in between. It might be noted that postal addresses can also change radically if the responsible delivery office is changed for a given location.

Clearly, An Post have labelled addresses in the Dublin postal districts with an Area in their address database, probably on a street-by-street basis. (I would agree with ‘Booterstown’, personally, for this property. The Cranford Centre, on the Stillorgan Road close by, has a postal address of …DONNYBROOK, DUBLIN 4). These Area assignments are fairly arbitrary and they are only An Post’s. To the best of my knowledge there is no official definition of the boundaries of the well known named Dublin suburbs (no, Google doesn’t count). In fact most of them refer to point locations, villages the have been subsumed by the expanding city and whether a property is associated with one is primarily a judgement of proximity.

Below county level, the only entities that have well defined official boundaries, that I am aware of, are Electoral Areas and Townlands, which, for this property, I think would be “Blackrock” and “Priesthouse”, respectively.

All of which goes to show that estate agents can and do put whatever they feel like in an address of a property for sale.

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We thought about going for this. Soooo glad we did not. Even if it had been made perfect with all that needs to be done to it I doubt it would have ticked that price point for me. Madness.

Crazy money

Wow, only 108sqm, someone must have a lot of cash up their sleeve for an extension. Seems a nuts price.

Spoke with the EA on this and they were as shocked by the result as I am - couldnt give me any color around the buyer etc.

2004 deja vu 8DD

Reasonably good site, although the house should be knocked.

900 k is a lot for a site, surely?

€4.5m/acre is a fortune, and while people are irrational in general, auctions just help bring out the worst in them. They are fools if they don’t demolish that house. It has no desirable original features, no rooms worth keeping and you can be sure its cold, if not damp also. If you knock it, you can just rebuild to your own specifications, making the least amount of compromises possible, and you have the opportunity to maximise the home’s efficiency, which will in turn add probably as much value as the existing structure holds anyway. It couldn’t cost more than 100k to build whats already there to a cheap and cheerful standard. I’d imagine they’ll go for something about 3,000sqft+ over two levels, possibly with additional attic rooms, which would be in keeping with the area. If they wanted to go even bigger, they could build a basement level also to enlarge the home without impacting upon the footprint, which is less likely, but not impossible. Having an end result of 3,000sqft+ of modern space with an A rated BER, worth c. 1.2m+ (in the current crazy market) is better than having a mish-mash home of the ugly original house combined with a new house with a lower BER, which would devalue it.

If they opt to go for a home more around the 2000sqft mark, its possibly they’ll just make large extensions to the existing structure to reduce costs, but in order to not lose a significant amount of money on this, they need to make it much larger and use quality materials.

The dead cat bounce lives on.

How old is this cat now?

Very interesting as always SoCoDu

have been comparing notes a lot with people on build/re-build costs as I have been looking at sites / wrecks lately

in todays market, I get the impression that 300k sq ft will build a very high end house. It might not have gold taps and tvs in the bathrooms but it will look pretty impressive. From what i can see, the cost is similar for new build or full restoration.

i also get the impression that to do a basic build, but one that would still be a decent socodu rental, it would cost c. 100 to 150 SQ FT (as in 100 is the lower end that a real pro could get away with)

does this reconcile with you - I know that this is an enternal apples to oranges question but i wanted to ask all the same

What I find a bit bizarre is that if this house is going to cost €1.2m all in, there are surely much better houses available at that price elsewhere. I’m only going on what’s on MyHome as I haven’t seen it but it does seem to be quite an extraordinary price. I assume also that there were underbidders who weren’t that far off either.

This will cost a lot more than €1.2m all in. Firstly, there is the price of the demolition. Then, there is the the price of the new construction. The cost of this would be €200-€300/sqft depending on finish, therefore bringing the cost of a 3000sqft home on this site, including site purchase cost to €1.5m-1.8m.

That’s true, maybe there’s a desire to create something to their own design and spec.

The price isn’t too out of whack compared to recent sales in Nutley close by. Although I’m not so sure whether Nutley might be slightly more desirable?

33 Nutley Road … in-4-54421
Sold for €890,000

65 Nutley Avenue … -4/1880441
Sold for: €835,000 … in-4-61169

15 Nutley Road … in-4-58665
Sold at auction for €940,000

I wouldn’t really put them in the same league. I know that the only thing dividing them is Elm Park, but I would regard Nutley as being one of the most desirable areas in Dublin, even if most of the houses sold were far from nice themselves!

There was a court case some years ago about a house on that road being described by an EA as Donnybrook. The bus stop on the other side of the dual carriageway is described in the bus timetable as Donnybrook , Belfield.

I agree with you re Nutley. I notice that Adrigole 186 Stillorgan Road also sold for close to 900k at end 2012 and Auburn 178 Stillorgan Road sold for 950k. They look to be similar size sites on google earth (?) with Lugano having smaller house but detachef and much better aspect (plus not on main road)?

Perhaps not such a mad price as I first thought? Perhaps the madness was the AMV?

Lugano is a much smaller house than those examples however it is a fair point you make.

I thought the amv was very low (it has a really good s facing back garden) and that it would make the mid to low 800s. A 5-7% increase shows this market is moving up.

Nice to also see these kind of deals where somone is going to (I presume!) a full re-furb thus employing people - all good for the economy :smiley:

I have been very interested in watching for new trends post the crash. Some areas I think will be found wanting going forward due to various factors. This area however has a lot to like about it, and given the ever increasing traffic in Dublin - will be a good area long term?

Ever-increasing traffic? There are now less cars entering the city each day than there were 15 years ago. Traffic volumes have declined very significantly since the boom years.