Lynnwood, Ballyboughal (-650k, -46.4%)

Was 1400k … 08098.html

Now 750k

More on this at viewtopic.php?f=4&t=14909&start=0&st=0&sk=t&sd=a

sale agreed 625k

Erm, link?!?

Sorry property market is an imperfect market in economic terms

Would be nice if estate agents were forced to reveal sale prices

Hence perfect knowledge not possible mind you it does help if you have a former director/colleague appointed to advise government ala mr bacon

Anyways back to point I rang agent

Just taught I would update post to reveal full extent of drop as the estate agents won’t

Also might be handy to know if sale falls through or maybe if your one of the creditors

3,013 sq. ft @ €749k

€249 per sq ft

If it were 625k it would be €207 per sq ft.

Where the feck is Ballyboughal anyways? :laughing: Map says it’s Navan town? Doesn’t sound like they’re finished btw, could be problematic?

Seems to be the other side of the M1 from Lusk/Donabate… … 18353&z=12

the 3,013 sq ft figure quoted doesnt tally with actual measurements in brochure

i done a quick tally of room measurements a while back and it was more look 2,100 sq ft

Yeah, 3013 sq ft does seem a bit excessive. Maybe they’re including the 5th and 6th bedrooms that would be in the attic space, they don’t include the dimensions of those in the details. And they may also be including the garage.

So if 2,100 sq ft @ €749k

€357 per sq ft

still 749k and not sale agreed:

are you going go through all my posts and pick holes in them

i made this clear in previous post

ring the agent, i cant update his advert can i ?

this is the problem the agents have the information we dont hopefully whomever goes to look at last house will read this post

i know this information because i rang the agent they still have 1 house left to sell which is probably why advert has been changed to sale agreed

I wouldn’t believe a word the agent says.

Nope, I’ve been away for a month and am going through all the posts since then. I’m updating if I see a need for an update.

Whether you can believe the word of the agent or not, a posting without proof is not very credible.

It is as “good as the paper it’s written on” … i.e. it’s not

ok paranonia lifted

actually i never found any evidence that the price was ever 1.4 million other the estate agents bleatings

property vultures picked up this at 675k

Now at €595,000 or €535,000 unfurnished claiming a 60% reduction.

499,950 (unfurnished?)

Now stating excess €275 k but only on sign outside house. No online link unfortunately.

No 4 back on the market for €450k … in/3093054

Was €275k in 2012 and didn’t sell; … ?id=669997

sale agreed