Madness Of Crowds WATCH - TRANS Mass Psychosis Cutting Down A Generation

Is A TRANS Mass Psychosis ripping through the highly impressionable young adult cyber-crowd generation?

This substack has gained a lot of traction, it’s worth a full read, also the harrowing comments from DB and others:

This piece turned some cogs and it was quickly realised, within a spread of unconnected social anecdotes, it was a lot of young adults seem to being drawn into the same channels and it is causing family conflict and distress.

Now in year 3 of the overt phase of the reality War, your typical 15 year old was closer to 12 when this started, or your 10 year old is now 13 - so considering the average adult could hardly detect and thus deal with the most intense cybernetic mind control onslaught ever unleashed on the world, how would you expect most children to fair any better?

It is likely many retreated into this highly evolved and captured cyberspace to deal with the confusion and stress, and was supported, encouraged and normalised form WFH to EFH.

Cutting to the chase, it’s a Cyber lord of the flies gambit for total control, a veritable cyber Eloi


Below is a link to a good book for anyone interested, and appears to be good if you’re children are not yet “teens”.

Hold On To Your Kids

In the book Hold On To Your Kids , International authority on child development Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D., joins forces with bestselling author Gabor Maté, M.D., to tackle one of the most disturbing trends of our time: children today increasingly look to their peers for direction—their values, identity, and codes of behavior. This “peer orientation” undermines family cohesion, interferes with healthy development, and fosters a hostile and sexualized youth culture. Children end up becoming overly conformist, desensitized, and alienated; being “cool” matters more to them than anything else.

Hold On to Your Kids (available in both Canadian and U.S. editions. UK Edition: Out Jan 2019) explains the causes of this crucial breakdown of parental influence—and demonstrates ways to “reattach” to sons and daughters, establish the proper hierarchy in the home, make kids feel safe and understood, and earn back your children’s loyalty and love. By helping to reawaken parenting instincts innate to us all, this book will empower parents to be for their children what nature intended: a true source of contact, security, and warmth.

I’ve read that book. Ok fine. It is not about the Trans thing. But you’ll find that people of Gabor Mate’s ethnicity have a disproportionate involvement in the Trans thing. And you won’t hear a peep about that from him.

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So if you can develop an eating disorder from simply looking at other people Instagram accounts, then sure as night follows day… :whistle:

The Tactics

Stealth Activism

This avoidance of public scrutiny is crucial to understanding how so much progress has been made, or undone, so swiftly. Most of us were unaware of the new threat to women’s / Gay rights; because of the covert nature of the activism. It arrived clad in rainbows. While we were attending Pride Marches, singing #BornThisWay there was a new lyric in town: #BornInTheWrongBody.

Below are some of the strategies recommended:

Pass legislation under the radar,

Latch onto more popular legal reforms,

Avoid media scrutiny.

Note that Ireland passed laws allowing self-identification of ‘ gender identity’ before abortion was legalised. Malta allows “self-identification” but not abortion. Similar tactics have been deployed across Europe.

Read full text link below:

Nature of Nuture

A transgender psychologist who has helped hundreds of teens transition has warned that it has “gone too far” — and fears many are making life-changing decisions because it’s “trendy” and pushed on social media.

Erica Anderson, 71 — who is transgender herself — told the Los Angeles Times that she is horrified that even 13-year-old kids are now getting hormone treatment without even meeting with psychologists.

“I think it’s gone too far,” said Anderson, who until recently led the US professional society at the forefront of transgender care.

“For a while, we were all happy that society was becoming more accepting and more families than ever were embracing children that were gender variant.

“Now it’s got to the point where there are kids presenting at clinics whose parents say, ‘This just doesn’t make sense,‘” she said.

Read more here: Transitions have 'gone too far': trans psychologist

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