madRNA - Is there a link to Prion disease?

You may or may not have come across the claims that the novel mRNA experiemtnal injections could create a situation not unlike Mad Cow Disease i.e. prion disease. The below refutes the claims and may be of interest.

The comments are notable as PHD Kevin does not agree.

I remember seeing those rumours posted elsewhere.

Interesting comments and I’ve saved some of those links to read in more detail.

Everyone does keep saying it’s wonderful that we can inject something to turn on this spike protein production. And the assumption is production is time limited and stops then.

Protein manufacturing and storage diseases like CJD, amyloidosis etc. are rare. And all still ultimately incurable I think.

Now the problem with the whole prions business is that an actual plausible causality mechanism could never be show. Plus all epidemiological models based on the Mad Cow prion theory were totally wrong. By several orders of magnitude.

Huge numbers of deaths were predicted initially, many tens of thousand in the UK alone, millions world wide The final death toll in the UK minus those with a particular genetic disorder was a few dozen max. And if I remember correctly one of those was a vegetarian.

The whole Mad Cow / prion business was just as much junk science as the current Covidian Cult.

Hope so.

This reference:

The push for Dignity deaths, makes sense now. :icon_eek::sick_20:

Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at the MIT - shocking if true…

Video @ Src:

Long video linked, but first 2 mins of Dr. Flemming speaking might be enough for anyone:

Why is Dick working for Infowars? Being a debarred felon kind of limits your career options.

Is Dick working for Infowars?

Flemming has has this page on his own site