Maine Murders

At least 22 people have been

killed and dozens of others

injured in shootings in the US city of Lewiston, Maine, law enforcement officials said.
False Flag???

Has the look of fakery,

Mentally ill ex army firing instructor, Ask me bollix

Lewiston is a hardcore Democratic town just outside Portland ME that is full of Somali and other refugees and a very well know left wing looney private “liberal arts” collage, Bates. So a dead mill-town that is now basically a college town full of refuges on welfare.

As for the identified shooter. Someone who seems to have a recent history of serious psychotic episodes which means quite separate from the spurious subject of “Red Flag laws” his weapons should have been under the control of some third party until he was deemed fit again. So the local authorities / law enforcement screwed up again. Like in pretty much every other mass shooting like this.

Expect the backstory when it comes out to be just as bizarre as almost all the other recent cases.

Meanwhile in Chicago last weekend…

And the back story is really bizarre.

Not a military gun instructor but was doing his annual 2 weeks down in NY helping supervise West Point cadets doing their field training (the US Army is very short handed at the moment due to so many experienced people bailing) when he was flagged by his commanding officer as needing serious psychiatric treatment. Which is when he did his two weeks involuntary committal.

Involutory committal is an automatic hand over your weapons time, all of them, under Federal and state laws but it seems no one at the Keller USMA Hospital thought of lettings the state agencies in Maine know about this guys mental breakdown.

So a fairly typical story of utter incompetence by the usual subjects.

And they haven’t found the guy yet. At the moment they are searching the backwoods around where he grew up with little luck. Plus there seems to be almost no phone video of what happened. Which is very odd. As were the targets. A bowling alley and a bar.