Major court battle between White and Pierse Construction-SBP

[*Major court battle between White and Pierse Construction * (

If I had to buy apartments in Ballymun I’d be trying to get out of it too.

Kenneth White was supposed to be buying 60 apartments. This is a very big loss for Pierse Construction. To the casual reader this seems like a straight forward breech of contract and therefore it would seem prudent for Pierce to sue. There are other considerations though.
White would have expressed his reasons for wanting to withdraw early on in this dispute. So Pierce would have been in no doubt that the words and the strength of them would appear in the national newspapers if this went to court. Given some of these words (Quote Sunday Times) “The standard of workmanship in our houses is very poor…” then Pierce may have been better off asking for a small compensation and allowing White to walk away. I would even suggest that White should be allowed to walk for nothing but a a non disclosure agreement. The reason? Well who is going to buy a property which has been described as Poor workmanship… in legal proceedings.
Maybe I don’t have much of an imagination but I would say Pierce decided to sue cause they haven’t a hope of selling 60 of these apartments even if they were of a good standards. It is quite simply the fact that we are at the precipitous of a bloody big housing crash and the sale of even 10 apartments is like gold dust for a developer.

Considering I wanted a house but was unwilling to buy for the last few years due to, in my eyes, unsustainable prices and the need for an indebted slavery 35 year mortgage. It is amusing to watch these greedy builders squirm.

I believe the smart builder would now reduce prices to sell ASAP before the firesales set in. I believe the stupid builder would do all in their power to hold off waiting for prices to recover. Why? Cause there won’t be a recovery for 5 years. And (THE BIG REASON), If you plough 100million of your own money into a development and wait 5 years to sell at the prices you could have got today then you will loose more than 25% of your possible gains (25million(not compounded)). So if the builder sells for 75million today. Invests the money and gets a return of 7% per an then they make no loss and infact make a modest profit of 1%.

So who’s gonna be the smart builder? Maybe Wallace?

This could be the big one that sets the firesales ball rolling.

Alas for Ballymun, an economic slowdown will result in the redvelopment not being completed, for the second time in it’s recent history. It was the same story in the early 1970’s.

Blue Horseshoe

[*Faulty towers hit by €22m wrangle * (

This is all so predictable. Of course there is crime in the new apartments. There was crime in the old flats, why would anything change. Buildings dont carry out crimes, people do.

There was nothing much wrong with the old flats, they didnt need to demolish them. The government could have achieved the same effect by just privatizing them. Fianna Fail screwed things up again. No surprises there.

Knocking down perfectly good flats in Ballymun 2007

Sorry Calvin that doesn’t fit with the media line that nobody is ever personally responsible for anything rather they are all victims of circumstance.

Quite right! We only have rights, no responsibilities!

And in this wild earth, a Grecian Urn!

What a shame all you fine people didn’t live in Ballymun in the 70s and 80s. Your sense of personal responsibility would no doubt have made it the envy of Dublin suburbs.

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Sarcasm detector on overload…

take away his mod rights! :stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s a further article on this court case and the problems facing the regeneration in today’s SBPost.

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Well of course thats the case - its the same people ! :unamused:

I have serious issues with the balance between entitlement to housing and responsibilities in this country.

On many estates a small number make it hell for the 90% + who live quietly . This is what has led to the demolition of ballymun and large parts of limerick in the first place.

The taxpayer pays to house the scum and then pays for ‘enhanced’ policing and health regimes (free methadone and needles ) and then pays for demolition, a triple whammy .

There should be a national register of them who are not entitled to any social housing of any sort under any circumstances, privatise them in effect .

Alternatively I must go down the chemist to insist on my own supply of free methadone 8)

Dedly buzz tha’ bud wha’ !?!

Thats exactly right. People who get social housing at taxpayers expense should be expected to behave themselves. People who dont behave, should be evicted, its that simple. Its not rocket science.

€600,000 for an apartment in Ballymun. WTF!!. :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

so much for a bulk discount…

Unless the apartments are c5000 sq/ft each, that cannot be correct.
If theres one thing I understand about business, its that if it doesnt sound right - it isnt. And this doesnt sound right.