Making an offer !

If a 3 bed house has an asking price of €285 for 78m² given a Dublin 3 address what would be a fair price to offer,

I have been house hunting for 5 years and have seen lots of properties this one has caught my eye but I do not know where to start of making an offer,


285 Euro sounds about right :wink:

You might want to supply some additional details.

I just added the myhome link :slight_smile:

I was only thinking recently that we haven’t had a “Brian Avenue/Road, Marino” query in ages :wink:

Is that D3? Drumcondra?

More like a ballybough than a Marino :slight_smile:

The An Post postal Address in Just Dublin 3 :angry:

Whatever about the address.
This area has a history of flooding… and there are other properties going for 180k asking just around the corner from this property.

I’d be inclined to bid at this price point. Highlighting the history of the falling value of similar properties in the area.

I’ve kept an eye on the are for quiet a while and 285 seems well off the mark.

Just looked at the Houses on the Next road some value to be had all right, I am back to the drawing board again,

I know this area very well.

The real value of this house is about €140k.

Make sure you have the roof checked and that the house does not need replastering/rewiring.

Also check the central heating system.

They are good houses in an ‘okay’ location but they are aged.

Get an alarm, major crime/scumbag problems, also in a floodplain, check insurance before you buy.