Making Offer

Hi everybody, just wondering if anybody has ever been in this position and if it worked out.

Myself and my husband have seen a house that we really like, it needs a lot of work but is really nice. At the moment there are 6 cash bidders. We have not put our house on the market yet as doing some repairs etc, but hope to be ready to go next week. Our house
sale alone would not be enough to buy the house we like but we do have the sale of a family home later on in the year and we will
get a share from this.

This is my question, would an estate agent take an offer from somebody like me who at present has no finance but who would
be a good position further down the line.

Hope I make sense…

I’m afraid, the only way you will get this house is if you lie about your circumstances.

Do you mean by that we should go ahead and put an offer in and hope we have the money in place then to buy it if our
offer is accepted. Perhaps we should just forget about it and move on and wait till we have the cash and we might
see something else we like…hard though to get something that is unique, in a lovely setting etc

Ha - I’m not recommending anything, I’m just saying that you are very unlikely to get the house if you are open about your circumstances. BTW, you don’t know there are another 6 cash bidders. There might not be any.

I suppose we could just go ahead and put an offer in but I have a feel the EA will want proof of finance
before we do…