Making that offer - Surveyor Query.

I am considering making an offer on a house.

I have contacted a surveyor and have been quoted around the €500 mark to get this done.

However, after a brief conversation it seems his report and my idea of what the report should be don’t tally.

I thought for the price it would be fairly comprehensive and check everything.

Things I’d like to get checked:

The walls – these are papered and yer man is not going to strip them for me. I’d like to get them checked for any issues.

The entire plumbing works, pipes etc. Does the jacks flush properly. Is the water pressure up to scratch?

The electrics. Are there any issues with the wiring? How many sockets are there and the locations of them.

The attic. Is it sound, it is suitable for conversion? Where would a stairs leading to this go?

The insultation of the gaff. What would be the best way to do this. Someone told me outside insulation will dent if a ball is kicked against it?

Ventilation – Is this something that can be checked? Open a window boss

The chimney. Does it do its job? I would prefer not to kill the family just yet.
Can he/she/they test this with smoke?

The heating. It is up to scratch.

Flooring – What lies beneath… that lino.

Roof. Will it hold?

Any issues with the foundations.

Extension. Is this sound – was it done properly – will it require attention?

**From the report **– A detailed report containing all of the above but including estimated cost for any repairs/work that needs to be carried out.

Now perhaps my expectations are too high for just the surveyor’s report/role.

Who else would I need to have on the case? A builder? A structural engineer? Duncan Stewart?

Can I be present while all this is being checked out? Not to wreck heads but just to see what I’m getting for the money I’m spending and ask anything else that comes to mind.

Will the EA be present too? I presume so as he has the keys?

The EA has fobbed off some of my concerns as just minor things – nothing a tenner can’t fix type of thing.

What would be the best way to proceed after getting this report with regard to the offer?

Do buyers make an offer subject to the report and deduct estimated costs from the offer or just make an offer after getting the report?

Obviously, I’d only like to get one survey done but I’d like to get it done thoroughly to avoid heart/ass ache in the future.

Any additional suggestions, thoughts or experiences welcomed and appreciated.

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You are making a reasonable argument for what should be checked.

As long as those checks (not all of what you listed) are non-damanging or non-destructive then you are probably correct.

I’m hesitant about hiring anyone of a bad attitude and who’s age is less than 35 cause many of them youger lads are still living in the land of 2006, thinking that they should be charging 2006 prices.

Shop around. At least meet and visit 3 surveyors and aks to see 2 copies from each of reports that they have completed within the last year. You’ll learn a lot from that.

Ask if they work from a checklist and formally spend the time checking those things on the checklist or is it more like a walk through survey where they kind of just “keep a look out” for things. You can get good and bad of both. Ideally you want a guy/gal who works it both ways, keeps a formal thinking cheklist approach to ensure that he/she works the basics but also does a feeling based assessment to top up the fundamentals with other items that may not be regularly or oftentimes audited.

Does the audit include:

  1. Recent certification from an electrician of the wiring in the house?
  2. Checks of timber and proof of structural suitability? etc. etc.

Assuming that most houses are pretty much as they look and don’t hold many nasty surprises, I’d leave the formal survey until after my offer has been accepted (of course my offer would be subject to survey). I assumed this was normal practice in private treaty sales as the survey is generally a precautionary measure and isn’t central to price negotiations.

if you were selling would you think it appropriate that everyone thinking of making an offer would be allowed strip the wall paper to check the walls and spend a day running up the heating etc to check it adequate?
Post offer acceptance ( normal ) perhaps - but before they even make an offer ?

I think your issue may be with how little you get for your €500 but that’s because you live in Ireland where trades men believe they are the David Beckhams of Ireland and should be paid as such.

It is not necessary to get the building surveyed in a private sale until you go Sale Agreed (i.e. the vendor has agreed to accept your offer). When you pay the deposit always state and confirm by email that your offer is ’ subject to contract and survey. I recently obtained a house surveyor via posting a job on I obtained a reputable architect for €280. He came out within 5 days and I had the report within another 5 days. Prices for a Building Surveyor can vary anywhere in the €500 region - give or take. Paying more does not guarantee you a better quality report or a better survey. A qualified reputable surveyor should be able to highlight any issues in the Report no matter the price you pay him.