malahide road what's it worth? … EMOM405446
Can I pick brains again?
I quite like this, mainly for the garden. Automatically deducted €90k off the price (in my head!), just wonder what you think it’s worth.

if this is for the garden:
its not worse it.
Less then 100.000 for this. The place look like like a kip and it need a lot of work just by the state of the “NO” maintenance, who knows what you’ll find in it…
its all about what you’ll be happy to pay after all.
Sorry, looking at it again, this is a horrible house. Pfff…

81k no more no less would be my offer here

but when you click on the map it shows clontarf.

Busy main road, marino/fairview is a nice area and the house is decent enough although needs a lot of work.

In my view 150-200k would be a good price .
Unlikely ever to go below 100k

Howth Road borders the civilisation…

Buy nothing now. Watch what’s happenning, NAMA plan under pressure and the floorgates about to burst open. You have no idea what a bargain is at the moment, as you can not predict where prices will go. What is clear is that they are still going down and will probably sink much more.


175k but given condition sounds like a lot of hassle to me

House looks to be built alright. It’s in a good area with a DART near by. Needs a little work done though.

Would say it’s worth about €240,000.

Small, at about 1,000 sq ft.
In crap condition. Needs EUR 80,000 spent on it - minimum - just to get to normal.
Location - good.

So, say, EUR 300 a square foot = EUR 300,000.
Take off EUR 80,000 for the work needed.
Add, say EUR 20,000 for location
Pay = EUR 240,000

However, the market is looking very dangerous and I believe it will only head majorly downwards.
If you could wait until early next year to buy, I think that would be best.

In fairness to the OP I think the place has potential if the price is right.
Unfortunately I think macro factors are agin buying right now.
You would need your head examined.
I believe Ireland will default on her debt in the next 9 months.
The really scary thing is that I am an optimist.

it looks creepy for free for money its …

thanks folks, I think we will wait, probably be madness to make a move before the budget anyway, plus my husband is self employed and I think a house is more of a liability than an asset at the moment if he needs to get finance.
There are very few houses in this area with a half way decent back garden, hence the temptation. As you all say it needs a lot of money poured into it, which I don’t have and won’t be able to mortgage.
The €240k figure sounds plausible, but then my radar is confused and I think houses were never cheap, esp in city locations.
BTw the EA was a bit older and actually knew something about how the house was built, astounding!!

I think the 80k redo is an underestimate (in Dublin, anyway). A short list of what needs to be done:

  • plumbing
  • heating
  • rewiring
  • windows and doors
  • roof looks okay, but that’s from a picture
  • damp proof course? Reception 2 looks like it has damp under the window, but that could be from the window.
  • insulation - attic and walls
  • it doesn’t say it has a phone line…
  • replastering after the above
  • painting and decorating
  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • flooring
  • rental + mortgage payments while you wait for the work to be done.

And I wonder what the BER rating is?

I think €80k would cover that, what do you reckon it would cost? … EMOM405446

Sale agreed

flip that was quick. There was a woman viewing it who does these things up and sells them on, maybe she got a good price. Though how you make money on that in this market I can’t imagine.
Viewed this today … CHYC406652
Asking €345k they say they have an offer of €320k. A lot of people looking. Has this area reached it’s bottom ???

If they have an offer for this at 320, they should take it, this is mad.
Wot an ugly gaff again…

The agents are GWD enough said about that offer

re: The agents are GWD enough said about that offer

why? were they featured in that programme way back?