Malahide - Surely immune to all this price crash nonsense? … SCMY373865

I see 3-Bed semis in Seabury Malahide going from between 430K to 580K

What are they really worth?


You know, at the height of the troubles in the north during the 70s and 80s GPs were handing out valium like it was going out of style and to those who were taking this little pill the world was a much rosier place after 3 or 4 of them. They must have started doin it in Malahide as well so as whoever is pricing these properties is about as accurate as someone on valium. :angry:

So if they’re not worth 430K to 580K then what are they worth?

Its a secret.

We cant tell you until you get to 100 posts.

And this post is helpful how?

They have a bar :smiley:

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They’re worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them.

If people are willing to pay 430 - 580 then that must be what they’re worth. Take a look at some of the properties that are on sale in this area. Are they finding buyers? Or have they been stuck at that price for a year or more?

Now do a little bit of thinking down the line. Unemployment is rising, the availability of credit is tightening, consumer confidence is low, and when the glut of empties on the market are subject to the market clearing rate due to distressed builders and developers a floor will be put on house prices that can be pretty much guaranteed to be lower than the current asking prices.

What ‘worth’ will be placed on those properties then?

Have patience…Robs wall houes are crashing down …1.1…now down to 750k…would snap ur arm off for 650 i would think…these are 3 storey large houses…some with sea views…this should put seabury into perspective at 500k!!!..these house in seabury willbe at 350k by this timenext year…just wait…dont jump now…u will be sorry.

I’m a culcie and even I can recognise that that is not “real” Malahide, when in Heaven’s would you want to pay a premium for a 3 bed semi with huge air borne pollution from being under a flight path and under an M1 flyover built on sloblands with a flood risk, round the back of an industrial estate even if the address is Malahide?

Malahide four-bed semi for 400k. This might have gone for over 750k in '06.

my offer would be 216k no more no less for such gaffs

there will always be someone to buy 4-bed semi’s in malahide at about €350-400k I reckon.
Tehre are lots of them in malahide reduced for 700+ to 450+. None of the ones which dropped down under 500 lasted a few weeks at that price and were sale agreed.

Desn’t really prove anything, but there does appear to be an appetite for those houses at certain price levels.

I see this place has dropped from 1.25 mill to 800k ! Not quite a sidestep of the crash eh?

You’re walking to Swords from there rather than Malahide for your bit’s and bobs, or your coffee and wine bars if you like, and probably your transport into the city. Mind you there are address morons out there, even still.

Tha’ain’t quite so Arfur…but I see your point.

Centra in Seabury and Londis in Ard Na Mara are still closer than Swords. The Dart station is a good 25 min walk though.