Malahide - what's it worth? Thanks


Would be interested in people’s opinions on what this house is worth.
Very well located and lovely garden - we just don’t like the price!

Thankyou in advance.

What’s it worth?

What you’ll pay for it.

What is likely to get accepted anything between -10 / -20%, offer them a cool million and see what they think.

Where will it be price wise in 2011?

Below 1 million certainly.

EDIT: A heady €642 per square foot for jellybelly! :stuck_out_tongue:

On the market since June last year and originally listed at €1.65million according to Irish Property watch, price reduced to €1.35million last September. Not “motivated sellers” IMO. To me it wouldn’t be worth the half of that, but then I’m not looking to buy in Malahide.

Malahide is a real bubble of denial. Plenty of “yeah, but prices won’t fall here because…because…” going on. Many honestly believe that they live in the most desirable area in the whole of Ireland and that everyone else, deep-down, is jealous and aspires to living there.

Hence, many, many gaffs like this just sitting on the market with an anchor.

I expect that (eventually) reality will kick in and this place fall to between 700-800k. Could take 2-3 years though.

Whats it worth? Less than they are asking and the longer they ask it the less its worth. :angry:

I see this at €500k/€550k once the market returns to reality.

Thanks for your replies.

I agree that Malahide is one of the slowest places to see price drops but also that properties are very slow to move.

Personally I believe it will be a long time before this house will be worth 500/600 but would love to know when it would hit the 700/800K mark!

Well, you can already have a 6 bed much more central (and prettier IMHO) house for €875k. For me the Malahide house is a very ordinary looking house in a location that’s not so special, hence the discount.

Have to admit - its a gorgeous house!

As we are talking about Malahide, and the prices been asked for houses, how likey is it that people will accept low bids in their eyes, but realistic in mine?

I walk Malahide all the time trying to find that little house with my name on it, and asking prices are nearly laughable. I have trolled through Seabury(& every other estate), and even there, they want in some cases a half a mill.

Also, is there a standard square foot pricing to use on the 3 bed semi, that needs updating? Want to try and approach it that way

And, finally, is it legal to have 2 differents EAs selling your house? Curious, as it just happened to me today with a house in Seabury, where it went UP by 50K, would you believe. I think there’s a bit of fixing going on round these parts. LOL!!!

Yayyyy! Thanks TUG :smiley:

Ascottdub, I replied to your previous thread, not an awful lot of help but maybe some. viewtopic.php?f=10&t=20088

Yes, you can have your house for sale through more than one EA.
In fact in Waterford, at least one EA (John Rohan) took to going around nailing his ‘For Sale’ signs to houses without the owners permission, when the house was for sale through other agents. I don’t know if he still does that.

Not sure how having two EA’s would translate into price fixing or a house going up by 50K.


i would give you 285k for that place. . . No more no less

Yes, the long linear lines of the upstairs windows triumphantly echo the flat roof of the front extension.

saw that house in clonskeagh. It ain’t all that great in fact

Malahide would be a super spot to live - all the amenities you could want so ideal for a family (sea, sports, castle, nice village, etc) but it’s grossly overpriced and unfortunately caught in the obnoixous bling trap.

There are some shower living there where everyone thinks they’re somebody. The politics is classic small town with FF pulling strokes left, right and centre. The local GAA club is a classic example of scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-sort-you-out mentality.

I grew up there and hate to say I could never move back until things change dramatically :cry:

I always have a giggle when i drive by the tennis club, they all wear competition whites.

Tone it down lads…

Bray has its bowling greens,Malahide goes one better with its Yacht club!