Malakoff house, Rathgar Rd.

Whats the verdict on Malakoff House on Rathgar Rd.? Anybody who knows about property care to give a verdict? Seems fairly neglected after tenants, does it need more than cosmetic work? Priced at 1.1mm for a fairly busy road and poor views of flats at the back. What do people think?

I viewed the one next door when it was for sale early last year. It was a stunning house and apparently they had spent huge money on the refurb and that went for 1.275 as far as I recall
It was pristine and it wasn’t Celtic tigered either, very tasteful
The reason we didn’t go for it was while it was a beautiful house the houses all around it were not of the same calibre, lots of flats and at the worst end of the road close to Rathmines and a very busy intersection
Also the road is incredibly busy, we parked across from it and it took me nearly 10 minutes to get across the road. Also while in the house you could hear the traffic roaring past

I think the house has great potential but a money pit plus that awful pebble dash is protected apparently

If it does go for 1.1 it is very bad value compared to the one next door as it will take a lot of money to bring it up to that standard but it goes to show how much the market has moved on since then as I can see it reaching and exceeding asking

Can’t comment on the house itself, but I rent across the road in a less salubrious abode. The traffic can be very bad between 8 - 8.30 am, during school term the line of traffic can go all the way up Rathgar Road past the church…I’m fortunate in so far as I can walk to work (30 minutes easy to Merrion Square) so might not be an issue for you if you work in the city centre…there’s a few “headtheballs” living in the flats behind that house…but…I wouldn’t let that put you off, it’s a fantastic location and I’ve never had any trouble.

It’s a great house with loads of room and lots of potential.

Without huge money it will never be a nice as the neighbours. Personaly I hate pebble dash. A cheep and tasteful solution to hide it is to plant some climbing deciduous virginia ivy.

The big negitives for me with this house are:

The very busy Road
The Flats at the back
The end of the Rathgar road that it is on. Rathmines is kind of grotty if you are paying for this kind of house.

So Location, Location, Location with this one.

It will obviously sell to somone for what price I have no idea.


I really liked this house after viewing it on Saturday. Lovely proportions in the reception rooms and some stunning cornice-work.

However, I would be a bit concerned about the condition of the house, and worried that it might need a lot more than cosmetic work. There are a few places where the render is literally peeling away from the walls (e.g. over the balcony off back of the house). There’s also water ingress from each of the skylights in the kitchen. It makes me wonder what sort of job was done when the extension was being constructed, and whether any buyer would need very deep pockets to remedy any shortcomings.

Personally, I would also be a bit reluctant to buy a house with a much more attractive ‘twin’ immediately adjacent. Number 184 is absolutely stunning, and the redbrick finish is far more appealing to my eyes than the protected pebbledash on Number 185. Number 184 is exactly the sort of thing I’d love to buy if means allowed, and if I was the owner of Number 185, I think I’d always feel like I was the poor relation of the house next door. Not the sort of emotions you want to be feeling after lashing out €1.1m plus on your house!

What’s the story with this house. Still on the market. How long is it on the market. Last I heard it was 1350 million. Don’t think it’s worth that. Any thoughts ? On wrong end of the road isn’t it

Plus you can’t change the pebble dash. Seems crazy ?

You can check the above link and thread to find those answers. It’s asking €1.1m and went up in September 2013. I also don’t like pebble dash.

When you say last you heard it was €1.35m as it’s still for sale would you care to add some insider info?

No insider information. My sister was ringing about it.
Think you’re the same person who was posting about another house. Are you interested in buying or are you just obsessed with all Dub property. You certainly have a lot of posts!

I heard yesterday that it is now sale agreed for a price in excess of €1.2m.

It’s nama house and last I gears it was 1350 million and awaiting board approval. …

If you are looking for opinionated property nerds, then you have come to the right place, and like many on this site I am looking to buy.

This post appears to be at complete odds with your later post below:

This sounds like either complete conjecture or insider info, care to explain…

Opinionated nerds alright who are seeing things in posts that are not there.
When my sister rang it was 1350 million and she was told it was nama house and awaiting board approval.
My question was this was a while ago and I see it’s still for sale. Other poster said it’s sale agreed so I guess it’s still awaiting board approval. Just seems long time for a board to make their minds up on a very good price.
You must be very fussy to write so many posts and not to have purchased yet. Just sayin’ like!

Play the ball, not the man.

This house is probably an acquired taste. Somebody could just come along and fall in love with it.

Still no sale agreed. Definitely something dodgy going on there. Heard it’s syndicate that owned it that are in nama. EA were saying it. Bet ya one of them trying to buy it back. It’s weeks and weeks ago sister was told it was sale agreed and just waiting for approval from the board. Very unfair.

Also heard that it was tied up with 16 Leeson Park who I believe are the same group
Both seem to be tied up in some sort of action by the original borrowers

Is this not a malakoff (the company) property? Owned properties mostly around d6 doing high end refurbs?

Yep all owned by the same group. 71 Leinster Rd also. Its been advertised for over a month but not available to view yet and no pics on website. Although advertised for sale, the agent has not been give instructions to actively sell it??? All very strange. Interesting the suggestion that one of the owners are trying to buy back Malakoff. A very tangled web indeed!

I see on DCC’s website that John & Cearuil Morrissey submitted a planning application for this property in 2004 and were listed as owners. That is John Morrissey of Capital D … 45365.html

Are Malakoff and Capital D one and the same?

Very interesting. Makes sense.