Mammy sentiment

An interesting thread on the state of the market on an Irish website for new and expectant mums called Magic Mums. The contributors seem very circumspect about things, with very little evidence of denial about how the market has changed of late. More proof, if proof were needed, of the perspicacity of the Irish Mammy.

Magic Mums?



I’m quite frankly a little scared by the advent of such websites. :wink:

A little bit sexist there I think, I am sure there are just as many Irish Daddies who are in denial. I know my own is. Being male does not necessarily mean a great understanding of economics. I have heard both men and women on both sides of the argument and yes some of these women were mothers. Your brain doesn’t stop when you have a kid.

You could also ask about the type of woman who is on, less interested in current affairs then hair and make up would be a possibility. (And now I am making generalisations) I doubt it is representative.

I guess you could construe my singling out of a website mainly visited by women, in my attempt to illustrate the rather more bearish sentiment in the market, than one might suppose; given the prevailing decade long zeitgeist of boom to the moon. As slightly (only slightly mind you) misogynistic. On reflection. I agree it was a little. However in my defence I no longer believe that women are any more likely to believe that the bubble is (was) a fiction, having read the various contributions to that thread.


House of her dreams is only 550k? For God’s sake get better dreams woman.

I find it very interesting that on one hand they are blaming stamp duty uncertainty for the slowdown (sure who would buy now when they could save 20,000!), yet on the other hand it has stopped none of them from going ahead and bidding on other houses while they are waiting for theirs to sell.


I think that this is the real reason for the slowdown ladies>

Good point on the stamp duty. I still find the speed at which sellers have taken on board the seismic shift in the market remarkable. I thought that there would be much more resistance to the idea of asking prices drops for instance.


“85 Moyville, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16, Pre Election Sale. Special Offer €555,000, Previously €565,000” … earchlist=

It actually says Special Offer!. They’ll be doing two for the price of one next. :astonished:


Neat trick though. Having his house up on myhome for sale at 55,000. With the ‘real’ price at the top.