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Hey, we’re up to “very manageable” now! Not long to go before it is peanuts… thanks, but the chimp noises are unnecessary…

Isn’t ‘Manageable’ the term the shrinks use for the treatment of some mental illnesses; where what the mean is that with the right medication, they can turn the poor patient into a catatonic drooling lump of meat, that is very easy for the staff to ‘manage’, but hasn’t a chance of ever getting better ?

Very good post.

Another tell for me is Lenihan there will be no PS Pay Cuts.

hmmm, seems like we need someone else to make the hard decisions for us.

Paddy “no Firesales” Honohan - 1 year apart:

30th March 2010 - Still manageable and not the biggest gamble ever:

31stMarch 2011 - 'Twill all be grand, worse case scenario only:

Following in the footsteps of Clowen, Comical Leni, and Paddy “No Firesales” Honohan:

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