Management Companies & Requistion 37


I’m in the process of off-loading my house and the Estate Management Company are stinging me for €217 for req. 37 information for my solicitor. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? Any help would be appreciated.

When ever I’ve replied to solicitors as secretary/director of management company about requisition 37 I haven’t charged although I’m entitled to charge something.
I thought it was the buyer’s solicitor who needs this Info, not the seller.
€217 is excessive.
all the solicitor needs to know is that there is a functioning management company in place, block insurance is in place, a sinking fund is in place and no fees are owed for service charge on the apartment.

It is normal and it is excessive.

If your management company have given you reports over the last year or acounts then you may be able to get away with producing those reports and accounts together with bills and receipts for service charges to the purchaser. However, your contract will saythat the purchasers are entitled to replies to the requisitions on title and they may insist.

In fairness to the Management Company, it does take time and effort to do this work. If they don’t charge you then the other people in the estate have to pay for it as part of their service charge.

Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.

Just to give details/have a rant:
Solicitor advised she was having difficulty getting a respone to req. 37 request. I rang Managment Company to expedite. Management Company advised me of charge. I had a complete conniption. Rang solicitor who was astonished at the charge. Rang Management Company and told him that it was extortion and that it disgusted me. Management Company didn’t give two hoots.

Anyway I asked him on what basis the charge was made and he told me that all Management Companies charge the same. I then asked how long it would take to fill out the form - and he says it might take a couple of minutes or a couple of hours.

Now I’m pretty sure we’re looking at a standard request, standard form, standard answer situation with my house. I’d safely say I’m in the ‘couple of minutes’ category. €180 + VAT!!!

I understand that some charge might be applicable and in fairness I think he does a good job of managing the estate but God almighty.

This is the second time I’ve tried to sell my house. I will be so relieved when it’s done.

It’s not standard charge. I charge nothing. I’d don’t give them everything requested in req. 37 but give them the details they need to complete the sale.
It’s the agent that’s charging this, not the management company. contact a director of the company. the agent must act on the direction of a company director.
I can’t see how to attach the requisition 37 doc. it is standard and most solicitors just send me a photocopy of it.

sold apt in 2007

yes was told c 180 + VAT was standard, and the buyer expected the paperwork

Mgt co “waived” the fee etc etc, that time round

I used to be involved with a management company and we charged for these requests. Especially if the solicitor irked me (some of them seemed to believe I was their secretary or something). However, I always made sure to waive the charge if contacted by the seller and that seller was current with their service charges.

It’s possibly extortionate but in this environment I’d bite my tongue and pay the charges just to get the place sold before the buyer gets cold feet.