Management Companies Watch Dog Established

Remember the fallout from this program, that highlighted sharp practices across the property sector. One of the issues raised was that of non-functional property management companies.

**Dec 2006: Prime time Investigates: Buyer Beware **

Well with an upcoming election, promises of legislation being hurried through were made by some PD politician whose name escapes me right now.

Dec 2006: Burton Welcomes draft guidance on property management companies

No doubt Owners, flippers and investors anxious to sell their shoebox also had a word with the politicians over the matter.

Q1 2007: Apartment owners alert: agents are answerable to you … &news_id=3

Fair dues to Joan Burton for keeping the issue in public view.

Nov 2007: Management Companies – No progress by New Government

Finally over a year later some progress is being made.

Nov 2007: Management Companies Watch Dog Established