Management Company Issuing Parking Permits

Hi All,
Could anyone advise me on the rights of the management company running the estate that I currently rent in. I just received a notice that I must show a parking permit to park my car.
Some of the details from management company.

  1. If my landlord is behind in payments to the MC my car can be clamped.
  2. Visitors can only stay a max of 3 hours.
  3. If I get clamped I must deal with the clamping company, if I contact the MC I will be charged a fee.

Tell me this can not be legal.

I should point out, there are always lots of free spaces, day and night.


private property, so i presume they can make up whatever BS rules they like.
move out, its probably only going to get worse

I don’t know if OP relates to a city or suburban development, but nothing drives me more insane than parking restrictions in suburban Dublin developments. What is so frigging obtuse about it is that all over the Dublin suburbs there is - and always has been - limitless free parking on every street and outside every house.

And yet, along come these Celtic fucking Tiger developments and suddenly that long-standing norm goes out the window. “No, you can’t park in our development!”. Like, why the fuck would anyone even want to park in your shitty development without good reason - visiting friends or whatnot - when there is abundant free parking just outside the gates on the high roads?? What the fuck is it they are trying to protect or guard against with parking restrictions? Hoards of people parking in the development rather than out on the road? It’s total bullshit. It’s uncivilised. Totally fucking uncivilised.

Erm, that rant is meaningless though if this is a central location, where restrictions are understandable.

Development is in Clane, Co Kildare, next to a FREE Aldi car park and FREE on road parking.

Same sh!t where I live, except for the bit about LL being behind in management fees. The permit changed twice last year. Had to post old permit in to receive new one (so go without any permit for several days). The MC suggested leaving a note on the car to tell the clampers you were waiting on your new permit, but indicated if you got clamped nonetheless they didn’t want to hear about it.

Although it’s a reasonably good location it’s not close to any major transport or commercial area, so non-residents would have no reason to park there (also there is plenty of free parking on the surrounding roads).

I notice my former home on the very outskirts of Swords now has clamping too, so it seems management companies just love clamping.

Not exactly on-topic but … someone abandoned a car in our estate once. It was clamped, but when the clampers realised there was no chance of extracting payment they came back and took their clamp back (but left the clamping notice in place).

Car wasn’t removed for months, after I complained to the management agent.

Buy an angle grinder

Private clamping is on very shaky ground legally. It is same as you putting a sign up and clamping a car.

Don’t accept terms of contract they are trying to unilaterally impose. Ring your LL to complain and mention this will damage demand and rental price.

lived in an apartment block once…this came up all the time…

people park everywhere and say shurra it will be fine

then there wa a fire and the Fire engine could not gt to the water point, cars parked on kerbs etc

no real damage done…

also a ploy to get llords to pay their bloody mgt co fees…if tenants start asking if the lld is paid up, the lld might just pay after all… … st66568037

Might be a tiny bit more convincing if the guy could spell consent…

In most cases, it just comes down to supply and demand. It’s easy to provide public parking on a street where everyone lives in a semi D because the demand for parking will be low. Change the semi D for a four story apartment block and suddenly the demand for parking is much higher. Factor in the planning permission restriction around Dublin that limits most estates to 1.5 cars per apartment and the supply is even further restricted.

Maybe the reason there are lots of free spaces is because there is clamping in operation. I dont see the problem if the general aim is to benefit the occupants of the development as a whole. At least the management company are being proactive in this regard.

Hmm. I was only ever clamped once, and that in a private dev in Rathfarnham. I was in the process of moving back to Dublin from West Cork and arrived at 1AM at my brothers complex in the rental van to catch a few hours kip before heading back to Cork to fill up the van again. There are lots of spaces underground but the van doesnt fit, so there are about 12 outdoor spaces but they are all full. So my option is to park outside somebodys house (houses and apartments in said development) or park on the kerb. Think to self, only going to be here for a few hours, surely will be ok on the kerb. Come down at 7AM to find that the van was clamped at 4.30AM. WTF???

I used to rent a flat with limited parking. Planning permission in the UK for developments in the city usually has limited parking as part of the planning permission to “encourage” use of public transport. My flat had one of the spaces. I came home from a night out to find someone had parked in my space. The gf was driving the car, I had a few too many pints so I rang the clampers… they came and towed the car away while she parked the car outside… not my finest hour! next morning there was shouting out the front as I recovered from the hangover! To this day I dont think the culprits (neighbour) know it was me who called!

There is no clamping as yet, it starts next month. There are always at least 40 free spaces.

I agree with the poster that thinks it is a ploy to get tenants to hassle there landlords to pay the management fees on time but how am I supposed to do this???
There is also only a 5 day gap between the issuing of permits and the clamping company starting.

The thing I really don’t get is who owns the land??? What gives a management company the right to make this decision without all the owners agreement?

and people wonder why some want one off houses

Slightly off topic. I live in an apartment complex in Clontarf. There is a short road from the main road into the apartment complex, about 40 metres. The apartment complex has a gated entry on the left and the road carries on to a cul de sac. From the apartment complex gate to the cul de sac, there are about 20 houses on the right hand side. About two weeks ago, a parking meter and signage appeared. Parking by permit only, otherwise you gotta pay. The parking places have all been painted. The opposite side of the road has been double yellow lined. Clamping threatened for anybody who hasn’t paid or who doesn’t have a permit. This piece of road is not near any amenities, shops, schools, dart stations, nothing. There was always a lot of cars parked there, mostly residents from the apartment complex I’d say that may have only had one parking spot. Now, there are no cars there. Not sure where people are parking but it doesn’t generate much revenue. I was going to post this in the signs of the depression thread but didn’t get around to it. Once again people are being squeezed from all sides.

you’re assuming the owners haven’t agreed - there should be an AGM where they have agreed this.

Talk to your landlord - he’s a shareholder in the owners’ management company that contracts out the Maintenance /clamping

Call up the company doing the day to day management and confirm your apartment is in good standing if your landlord prevaricates.

Frankly I wish my management company would take the same tough love action with landlords/owner occupiers who are behind on their fees; it drags the whole complex down and is unfair on those who do pay.

I can appreciate it’s not your fault - tell your land lord you’re not paying the rent if it’s not OK

Everyone is assuming the company doing the day to day management are acting independent of the owners - they’re not - it’s not a high tech business I’d imagine they’re eager to please the owners lest they lose the contracts

So has the problem of developers holding back a couple of properties in a complex so the didn’t have to turn over the management company to the residents, keeping it as a cash cow for themselves instead, been resolved? That was my automatic assumption when I read the opening post; that the developer still controlled the management company and needed some cash.

fair point - there has been a law proposed - not sure if passed etc? Though I’m not sure if it would ever be considered a cash cow TBH

However I’m sure the developer owned complexes are in the minority -

maybe the OP can clarify?

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