Mandatory, Mandatory, Mandatory



Probably not as many as we think it’s that they do seem to rise to the top also be related… here is her husband. He is expert is cell and gene therapies.




Interesting perspective which accords with my current hunch. What we’re dealing with worldwide is like a giant version of Celtic Tiger groupthink. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s more like the Golden Network of Celtic Tiger Ireland rather than a golden circle.

Klaus Schwab is not making them do this. The culprit is a broad, distributed adherence to the dictates of containment ideology, probably driven in no small part by emotional and ideological exhaustion with the prior tyranny of Wokeness. Now that everybody agrees, the self-directed, self-radicalising elements are in place: Administrators and committee chairs that are perceived not to be taking Corona seriously enough will be removed or sidelined in favour of more radical people who take things more seriously than you could possibly imagine. All of these schools now operate with a wealth of Corona Committees, peopled by all the most lunatic germophobic faculty.


I’d think most on here realised it was a global tiger event and essentially an extension of wokeness that was almost inevitable.

“It’s a public health measure”


Only 50


Me Hole “we will do what ever we need to do”
" and soon we may ask you to get vaccinated "
Thank you and fuck off.


When he addressed the children, I thought and said out loud “what a fucking CUNT”
The missus wasn’t impressed.


Ant that is all he is, no different than the rext cunt and they have gone to far therefore no forgiveness what so ever.


I did a search for the term negative efficacy and surprisingly the term has never been used here, although the concept has been referred to . When it comes to where we are on mandatory vaccine it’s really the nub of the matter.

We see continued improvement in infection rates in the vaccinated 80+ cohort, extending to the those in their 70s as well. This is very likely down to the booster campaign, and it’s more or less what we’d have expected: The vaccines provide protection that after some months appears to decay to the point of negative efficacy. The boosters then bring you back into positive territory, for a time.

Keep banging the drum with anyone who mentions vaccination to you:
"Oh actually no I’m still not vaccinated, The vaccines provide protection that after some months appears to decay to the point of negative efficacy. The boosters then bring you back into positive territory, for a time."

Examples of lies, deceptions, misdirections and unchecked propaganda in the daily MSM matrix

The key term is Non Sterilizing vaccine. The vaccines you got as a kid are Sterilizing vaccines. They give you life long protection. Except for Tdap. Which needs a ten year booster for peak protection.

All SARs CoV 2 vaccines are just like the annual flu shot. They are Non Sterilizing vaccines which mean they give you limited protection for a limited amount of time. They have little impact on infection rate, they just reduce the probability of a serious infection somewhat. For those people already in pretty good health. Makes little difference to those already with health issues or over the age of 60.

Thats the way vaccines have always worked.

Not only are the SARs CoV 2 vaccines Non Sterilizing but just like with Influenza they can never be Sterilizing vaccines. Because of some very basic science of these viruses.

Saying that, when the next big flu epidemic comes along, which it will, take advantage of any traditional flu vaccines that are available. They will make a difference, a big difference, to those in otherwise good health.


“Explained, that’s because recent studies suggest an unvaccinated person is up to 20 times more likely to infect you than someone who is vaccinated — and none of the rest of the people who have been invited to my party wants to risk getting infected and passing it on to more vulnerable, elderly relatives. It was a tricky conversation.”


Says someone who never practiced a day as a doctor after qualifying 35 years ago with the intention of become a psychiatrist.

He has worked on the telly his whole professional life.

Can someone represent themselves as a medical doctor when they have not been a registered doctor for many years. Plus his story about sending telegrams from Greece sounds made up to me. In 1975, maybe. In 1985, total bullshit. There were no domestic telegrams in 1985 in the UK and international ones were sent by post. So maybe a day or two faster than just posting it from Greece. Sound like just another of the White City luvvies. Full of shit.


Julia Hartley Brewer referenced this 20 times number this week. I tried to find the report but could only find claims of 20 times death rate from a Texan report. These death rate figures are notorious as they do not count until 28 days post 2nd jab and there are different CT rates being applied in the PCRs. When I was doing analytics we used subject our analysis to a sanity test. I would suggest the Waterford data completely undermines the Texan data. If someone could point me in the right direction I would like to read the report they are relying on.

Meanwhile Covid is over.

With the withdrawal of Covid financing impetus do markets crash? Especially if a war is started in Ukraine to distract from the past few years.



Take em all


Hackers hit the Brazilian vaccination database!





As referred to somewhere by Diana recently:

New York Senate Bills: A8378; A7829/S6495; A2240/S45; A3091/S3041).


Nphet to consider mandatory Covid vaccines in Ireland

Meeting minutes from December 16th reveal the State’s public health team will consider mandatory vaccination. Photo: PA Images

10/01/2022 | 06:58 AM

Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination is to be considered by the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet), while Government Ministers are understood to be anxious to ease current restrictions for the hospitality sector.

Meeting minutes from December 16th reveal the State’s public health team will consider mandatory vaccination, The Irish Times reports, with a new paper being prepared by the Department of Health on the legal and ethical aspects of such a move.

“It was noted that the Nphet will discuss the issue of mandatory vaccination at a later date and this discussion will be facilitated by a forthcoming paper from the Department of Health on the relevant ethical and legal considerations pertaining to this topic,” the minutes said.

The discussion comes after the Taoiseach said more than half of Covid patients in intensive care come from the five per cent of adults in Ireland who are unvaccinated.


Mandatory vaccination is under consideration in Germany and has been introduced in Italy for those over the age of 50.

Hospitality curfew

It has also emerged that some members of Nphet did not agree with proposals for earlier closing times in the hospitality sector introduced last month.

Nphet originally proposed a 5pm closing time, but the Government introduced the 8pm closing time just before Christmas as the Omicron variant took hold in Ireland.

Ministers are now understood to be increasingly sceptical of the measures, favouring the removal of the 8pm limit on trading hours as well as the rule of allowing only six people to a table.

Minutes from the December 16th Nphet meeting show that a number of members of the public health team “voiced concern” over the earlier closing times, with some saying that such strict measures were “disproportionate by international comparison”.

Some members were of the opinion that the focus should be on reducing capacity within venues, rather than limiting trading hours.

In a letter to Government last week, chief medical officer Tony Holohan said Ireland had not yet reached the peak of the Omicron wave. Nphet recommended that all current measures – including the closing time for pubs and restaurants – remain in place until the end of January.

Although Ministers do not want to overrule Nphet advice, some believe the partial restrictions need to be re-evaluated. There is also support for an immediate reopening in February, if the wave has peaked by then, rather than a gradual unwinding of measures.

The Government is also awaiting advice from Nphet on shortening isolation times for close contacts of confirmed cases. The next meeting of the public health team is scheduled for January 20th, but it may meet this week to consider the isolation and quarantine times.


Appalling and alarming.


Why are you surprised and only alarmed now?