Mandeville, Torquay Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18 (-650k, -24%)

If your going to drop, might as well do it in style … 18/3161003
Down to 2.1m from 2.75m

I wonder if that’s the owners setting the price lower ?
Unusual for SF to bite such a chunk out of the price.

makes a joke of the first price

drove along the road and its full of For sale / Sale agreed / Sold signs - every agent in town seems to have a sign up on the road (which is not all that long a road maybe 300m)

Torquay Road runs from Leopardstown Rd to Foxrock Village - it must be at least 1km?


A retreat from the agent from almost 3m an acre to closer to 2m (I.e. the recent Birches).

This was just completely mispriced (and there are many others like it).

Plan B now on Mandeville in Torquay Road.

If you didn’t like Mandeville’s 0.90 acre for 2m, how about another 0.90 on Carrigmore, for 4.75m all in ?

Several recent transactions (and price reductions) in Foxrock, demonstrate the difficulty of getting above 2m an acre for even the best sites on the best roads in Foxrock.

The recent sale of Windermere, if anything, shows that even 2m could be ambitious.

There is certainly no development gain to be made in buying 2m an acre sites and developing high end houses.

Enter Plan B, as Sherry Fitz combines neighboring Carrigmore, also on 0.90 of an acre, to offer combined 1.8 acres for 4.75m

Irish Times write up:

4.75m would equate to 2.6m an acre, and is only achievable if you can get the right density on the site. You will probably have to maintain and include Mandeville at minimum, and aren’t going to get a very dense development. The current developments on another existing SherryFitz Temple Road site are the way forward, however there is no way that you would get the +800 sq ft pricing of Temple Road on Torquay Road. You will still be struggling to shift brand new sites at much over 500 sq ft - just check Aldington on Hainault Road, which has been sitting there for several years now.

Still, some foreign capital, and a report from an Irish EA justifying the 4.75m, might just do it (even it doesn’t, ultimately).

Foxrock, Dublin 18
€2,600,000 - 5 Bed Detached House 277.96 m² / 2992 ft² For Sale, 1.3 acres

Looks like there is also a Plan C - to buy the other neighboring house for 2.6m on 1.3 acres.

So clear is Plan C a follow on from Plan B, that Lisney don’t even give this house a name / number ?

HOWEVER, having been bruised a few times in Foxrock, Lisney refuse to ask more than 2m an acre for this …

… which is probably their Plan D, in case nobody can convince foreign capital to pay for it. … enDocument
Dublin 18
Date of Sale: 13/05/2016
Price: €1,850,000.00

That’s a long way from the initial €2.75m ask.

No sign of Cullenwaine or Carrigmore coming through yet.

2m an acre it is.
This will confirm the pricing of Windermere, Hillside (and how nailed the buyer of Mangerton was).
There are a lot of askings in Foxrock that are way (way) above 2m an acre (and aren’t even on Torquay Road).
(yes, I’m thinking of you Patina, Old Foxrock.