Mansfield's son 'did not understand €6.28m loan'

Did he use the loan to buy sweets?

The excuses are gettin excusier :frowning:

Well judging by our fabulous ‘knowledge economy’ education system, average intelligence is getting to be that of a seven-year old too.


In fact, most seven-year olds still have to have their intelligence drummed out of them.


i know of one fairly senior quangocrat in an economic area who boasts that he has never read a book since leaving school and gets the news only from the radio. The only paper read, afaik, by him is the racing post.

Thats a very scary article. I happen to know this chap quite well and for many years. I allways thought him to be an idiot but this is way past idiocy. By all sides involved.

One of the ‘fast cars and slow women’ set. Is he off the road yet ???

Perhaps he was incapable of reading the rules of the road so they mightn’t have applied…

The only outcome here can be “you signed the document, it’s your responsiblity to ensure you understand it…pay up”

Well he admits to a knowledge of his incapacity to read… so it’s up to him to ensure he has had someone else explain the text to him then… pay up is the likely outcome alright.

It’s just staggering to see the lenghts people will shame themselves in order to get out of paying up.

Yes he is off the road at present. At the time of the recent drink/driving case Big Jim said he would be more than happy to hand over his business empire to ‘Junior’.

All fucking FF peasants on horseback from Bovine Brothers to these fucking eejits who all want to ape the ultimate shit Haughey.

I wonder what did Katy French see in him?

Yeah and people complain about my typo’s for fcuk sake :unamused:

Did he not get legal advice from his briefs? Maybe he had no briefs on at the time. :angry:

How long before someone uses the ‘I was high on drugs when I signed dem documents’ excuse ? :angry:

The cosmic joker strikes again!


VIP Interview:

What first attracted you to your bucolic turnip -headed, ruddy-faced fat slob semi-literate boorish millionaire boyfriend ?

That same rhetorical question could equally be applied to recently separated former Miss Ireland from said (alleged) drink drivers younger brother and heir apparent to family fortune. (The same fortune which if last weeks Times Rich list is to be believed, had J.M. Snr now “below 100m” where he was formerly “above 500m”.)

The wheels are starting to truly come off in many and varied :angry: interesting ways.

Was daddy in the Anglo’s golden circle?

I bet you anything you like that when all this shakes out this muppet will still have his massive inheritance, Rolls Royces and C-list model girlfriends. There will be no hell to pay. It is fucking excruciating.

ugh, it says a lot about the country when people with the literacy of a 7 year old can borrow 6 million and go driving around the place hammered - i feel sick