Manufactured Insanity


Just thought I’d post some perusing here and see what feedback it gets…
I’m not promising this is the most coherent theory ever produced - its saturday night and I’m in from the pub…

So heres my theory - We are in an age of Anti-Reality. Not irrationality; anti-reality.

As I pointed out in the Immigration thread, when politicians or political doctrines deny the reality that an increase in the supply of X (labour) results in a decline in the price of X (wages relative to costs) then the system breaks down and chaos will ensue.

We could argue the same about ‘climate change’ - denying that CO2 production causes atmospheric change results in the same scenario. Its demonstrably true.

Identity politics attempts to frame what are broadly psychological or emotional issues for a tiny minority as issues of national import and social development.

The pure insanity of, for example, the Syrian campaign, the UK poison attacks and Wikileaks revelations, has greatly weakened my faith in the MSM and leads me to doubt its veracity and independence.
More than that, there are numerous examples of it being exposed as little more than shill-houses for corporate interests.

Fringe issues are taking over the mainstream and one must consider that this is by design.
Witness the constant barracking of Trump about everything except when he is angling for war in Syria or Venezuela. Its incredible.

As for myself, having access to ‘irregular’ media as well as the MSM has highlighted a massive gulf between the two.

Politically, the left are imploding because they imply that your personal problems are as a result of policy failures while the right are failing because they know the price of everything, the value of nothing and are hellbent on selling off anything of value like some suicide cult.

And so, I submit, we are here on the brink of real, genuine, social, political, national and international Insanity.

I didnt say its was pretty, or coherent, but for what it is; What say you?


I hope you enjoyed your pints, but I always feel the application of USA/UK left/right partisan politics onto any Irish context always falls flat.

It could be proffered that we’re mostly welfare state capitalists. Greedy when the money flows, compassionate when bailouts are needed etc… rinse and repeat.


Perhaps… I’m not sure this is a purely political issue though.

Take an example that I didnt include in the original post - so called ‘fat shaming’ and its response.
There are currents now forming around this issue.
The factual, repeatable, undeniable reality is that excessive fat levels, or obesity, is medically harmful.
Telling somebody they need to recalibrate their consumption and exercise levels is not ‘shaming’, its simply fact.

The counter thrust seems to be for impressionable people to ‘own’ or ‘embrace’ or otherwise frame their situation in a positive context.
What youre witnessing are personal difficulties being reframed as ‘lifestyle choices’; All too often there will be claims made that the situation/ outlook/ weight/ sexuality are inherent in the person; they were ‘born this way’.

And so that many of these situations are reframed - not as consequences of personal actions or experiences - but as inherent, unalterable, pre-natal conditions.
This too, in study after study is demonstrably false.

There are - like most issues - complex social, psychological and economic reasons for obesity, it isnt something to be ‘embraced’ or ‘owned’.

I find it increasingly bizzare that seemingly reasonable and intelligent people accept more and more abnormal behaviour as normal and even celebrate or promote some mindsets?

Nobody would ‘celebrate’ severe cases like bulimia or anexoria or alcoholism or heroin addiction, why obesity?

Again I dont think this is necessarily political, I actually think its promoted by corporate fast-buckery and snake-oil sales pitches… but that would probably make me a conspiracy theorist, wouldnt it?


I really don’t know what to say about the fat shaming except like with Darkness Into Light as a small country there tends to inertia about an issue until it’s everywhere and then there’s a large social reaction to counter the previous complacency.

I’m in my 40s now and I’ve seen many contemporaries develop type II diabetes purely from bad diets and they believe that the drugs their doctors put them on are enough and they do nothing to alter their bad habits.

I wouldn’t say they feel strongly about that bad lifestyle, its just that they’re surrounded by people with the same habits and unhealthy rituals. It’s not until like with suicide that premature deaths from bad lifestyle spurs a broad reaction.

Operation transformation probably misses the point as it put the focus on appearance rather than overall health. I’ve a friend in the undertaking business and he says large coffins are becoming more common and obesity deaths seems to start in the mid-40s age bracket.

I haven’t looked up stats for such deaths in Ireland but the eventual societal response will be more about nutritional information. Rather that fat shaming, the strongest reactions so far seem to be from farmers when someone says they could probably get along with eating less meat.

Ultimately we consume all the attitudes we see on UK and USA TV and media, but we don’t have the binary type political voting systems that create such strong dramatic left/right dynamics.


Its hard to know whether any of this is genuinely new or whether its simply the same old same old rehashed in accordance with the ways of the modern world.

For example some might argue that all-pervasive religious observance fits the same bill as the above-cited delusions. I wouldnt agree but the argument is there to be made. Likewise, the Emperors New Clothes is an age-old fairy tale that is based around exploration of the same psychological factors copied and pasted into a different set of social conditions.

Nontheless, the all-pervasive nature of social media would appear to render the reach of modern delusional notions that happen to gain traction as limitless. Where once we laughed at the mad Yanks and their crazy shit now we are the Yanks of yore.

When you’ve got male UFC fighters legally smashing womens skulls in a cage on the basis of them being in transition, you know theres serious levels of delusion/conditioning in play.

The current ratings of the Brexit Party in UK opinion polls is also interesting because it would appear to fly in the face of two years of attempted anti-reality conditioning ie it was lies alone that caused Brexit and nobody was ever actually in favour. This now appears to have been another media-constructed fiction masquerading as truth.

Its quite all quite Orwellian/Wachowskyesque and Im not sure any of us are fully grounded in reality anymore, especially if our engagement with social media and online discourse generally forms a significant part of our construction of reality…as presumably it does for most who would be bothered engaging with a forum such as this over an extended period. Apparently there are lads whose entire lives revolve around role playing video games. Why be yourself when you can be some idealised version of yourself (or someone else) projected onto a fanstasy/sci-fi/battle ground reality. It likely beats data entry and wanking.


It’s been building for 65 years since WW2. I’ve been reading David Brooks (accessible) and Charles Taylor (impenetrable) recently. A ‘culture of character’ has been replaced by a culture of “authenticity” and emotionality. It wasn’t the 60s that started this, there were a wave of this sort of thinking starting after the war with Rabbi something bestseller, Norman Vincent Peale, Carl Rogers etc focusing on feelings. A society focused on feelings is bound to go bonkers - which it is going. As we see.


There were a few fights between a woman and a transgender fighter, unfortunately it is not entirely clear who knew what in some of these “fights”. I don’t think the UFC have had a transgender fighter on their roster, but some smaller promotions have. Since this issue got traction some time back, many women are refusing to fight transgender fighters, and rightly so.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan had this to say on the issue : "She calls herself a woman but… I tend to disagree. And, uh, she, um… she used to be a man but now she has had, she’s a transgender which is the official term that means you’ve gone through it, right? And she wants to be able to fight women in MMA. I say no f***ing way.

I say if you had a dick at one point in time, you also have all the bone structure that comes with having a dick. You have bigger hands, you have bigger shoulder joints. You’re a f***ing man. That’s a man, OK? You can’t have… that’s… I don’t care if you don’t have a dick any more…"

UFC president Dana White has also said that if your born a man you don’t get to fight women.


Adam Curtis discussed some of these topics in 2016 documentary “HyperNormalisation”.