Manufacturing activity rises.

Saw this and thought, probably China. Some suprise when I open the link and find its us because we went from 46.6 to 48.
Absolute bullshit headline. … king19.htm

I was under the impression that our exports sector had not declined in a huge way during the recession.

It makes sense that manufacturing activity would be holding steady or rising if our exports were doing ok.

We hardly export small empty boxes. We sell all those to ourselves to live in :wink:

I must check the archives… but I wonder did the Irish Times have headlines like… ‘Irish obesity levels at all time low’ … ‘Record increase in Irish travelling abroad’… etc. during the famine.

UK PMI was up also. It could be that companies have run down their inventories and are now ordering again. Hard to say without looking through the raw data.

As for Mr. Brian Devine, economist at NCB Stockbrokers …

The US GDP of 3.5% is far from impressive. It is nearly all accounted for by temporary government stimulus and so far, the “end of the recession” over there has not shown any indication of a growth in the consumer economy or the creation of more jobs (in fact, the reverse is true).

Blue Horseshoe

Headline now changed to “decline eases”

Nod to the folks over in the IT. :wink: