Mapping the Golden Circle … egory/1084

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Talk of a ‘Golden Circle’ implies that the route to advancement involves the right connections and right family, etc, however most of these people have excellent academic records and a record of achievement in their disciplines.

(Doesn’t necessarily mean they did a good job as directors, of course.)

This is a very interesting report.
I see one CEO/Executive had 44 additional Directorships over a three period (2005-2007).
Another well known one (check the report - link above!) was a member of 5 boards and had 28 additional Directorships.

So these are our brightest and best?! :laughing:

There is no shortage of people with ‘excellent academic records and a record of achievement in their disciplines’, whatever you imagine that to mean, and the fact remains that it is unhealthy in every sense to have a limited gene pool from which to draw the directors of corporate boards. As Niall Fitzgerald, chairman of Unilever said, these board members were either complit or incompetent.

While interesting it’s perhaps devalued since the likes of multiple board member David Begg don’t get mentioned in the TASC report.

This report will be discussed by Vincent Brown in a few moments.