Marc Coleman: Bank shares better value than Infrastructure

2005 check.

Why do I think someone is having a go at reducing his current losses at the publics expense.

:angry: :nin


Have a look at this one.

Am I missing something? Is Jerry Springer coming to town?? Or is Coleman putting up a pointless strawman argument.

What should my response be to your logic, Mr Coleman? “Eh… I’m not really very fond of how Jerry Springer uses the television medium to humiliate stupid people for their wrongdoings, so I guess we should just let the bankers play golf.”?

:unamused: Still a fool.

Seems he too is suffering from Askburgess syndrome.


Marc Coleman is obviously one of the good guys. :laughing:

This article is an extended version of his letter to the Sunday Tribune.

Good for nothing.

His letter was published in the Turbine today.

Saw his article in the Sindo too…

Self praise is no praise at all as I learned growing up but for Marc it’s not an issue.

Just listening to Newstalk on the interweb - there was a promo for Marc Coleman’s “Coleman at Large” show - twice he mentioned about the recession being over soon; anyone know what he was basing that on? Or just the usual - his self delusion?