Marc Coleman does 180 degree turn?

This is the s*****g who wrote exclusively on reducing stamp duty for the last year and a half.
Now it was he who predicted the recession in 2005 and asked the probing questions about the goverment’s plan?

I’m most disappointed with the Irish Times for taking this idiot on. He gives away his true colours in the last line, saying that he’ll always be for tax increases no matter what the circumstances.

He is an idiot. In every article he writes, his opinion on matters is entirely predictable.

He’s releasing a book called “The Best Is Yet to Come” this month. Perhaps there’s room for another chapter.

Looking at the details contained in some of these links, the whole sorry mess that is our bunch of inept, incompetent, pathalogically corrupt messenger boys and girls in Dail Eireann makes me want to live ANYWHERE but here in Ireland ! I’m seriously depressed after reading much of it which captures so succinctly how fucked-up this banana republic of ours truly is both economically and politically.

The big question is, when the lunatics are running the asylum, using a 1920’s governing policy, how in God’s name do you get changes made ? Turkeys voting for Christmas and all that…