Marc coleman losing guests like flies

It’s flippin hilarious
coleman is getting up on his high horse attacking strawmen all over the shop,
completely obvious that this buffoon is out of his depth as a Radio presenter.

No instinct for human interaction and an unerring instinct for blind alleys.


Has he still that annoying cough


first time listening
really annoying little gollum like cough/swallow

Shure the Rose of Tralee was on :wink:

He only gave Constantin Gurdgiev 5 minutes FFS

@ewd3 :smiley:

What has it got in its pockets? Dirty little hobbit. Gold is it? Shiny, precious…

If you can’t Star Wars it, you can Lord of the Rings it…

He coulda invited 2Pack on …but he didn’t did he ??? I only ever talk to National radio stations me !!

isnt Snooztalk a national station? :stuck_out_tongue: