Marfin, Butterfield Avenue, Dublin 14 (-200k, -20%)

Was 995k

Now 895k

My, this property has been on sale for ages, about time they copped on to bringing the price down. Still, I don’t think this is going to cut it.

The location right on that busy junction is a problem for the sellers I think.

What an awful house.

Was it a nursing home in a past life?

Some of the rooms are such strange shapes…

Ah that’s a bit harsh. It’s overpriced and a bit dated.
Those stairs remind me of the Brady Bunch house.

Yes and next door there is some premises for some clinics or something, which means you’re getting lots of people and cars in front and on the side of the house. Personally I don’t like the look of it from the outside either.

Another 100k off, down to 795 … -14/364491

total refurb and a very noisy road.

listing seems to have been removed

back asking 595K

-40%asking in 9 months.

The board was taken down from this house earlier this week.

it’s open for viewing this coming Saturday!

Is that a large bush growing ‘within’ the house at the front, under the balcony!!!

Yes, you can see its shadow in the third picture.

now asking 495K

I was told they had a 500k offer but wanted more. Either the offer is now gone or it was never there or they thought by lowering the prive they’d attract some interest. It wouldn’t be such a bad house even with the busy location but the garden is small and super dark (massive trees from the garden next door)

I recently viewed this house since they dropped the asking price. Very big property with loads of scope to remodel and I like actually like the look of the house. However I can’t see it being snapped up, even at the reduced asking price. For every positive feature there are 3 or 4 drawbacks. You would need very deep pockets indeed to make this house a nice warm comfortable family home and even then, having spent all that money, regrettably you are still on that very busy junction, next door to a commercial premises, across the road from a pub, with a north facing back garden. A house of this proportion really deserves a better position on such a nice road. It is a real pity! Location, location, location! You would not find anybody willing to pay you back for the money you invest in this house if you ever try to move on. The similar house done up around the corner on Old Bridge road is a perfect example. 3 doors away, lots of money spent and they cant sell it.

The North facing rear garden is very very damp and dark. There is a huge amount of moss which further suggests that even after you demolish those horrible annex buildings, you will still never see the sun back there, not with all the tall trees to the North, East and West. The house itself it quite tall so you are unlikely to get much sun at all even down the back of the garden. The front is facing south so should be nice and bright but the very deep porch blocks all of the light coming in to the current living room and entrance hall. Also unfortunately the houses across the road completely block any view of the Dublin mountains which is a real shame.

Most people would want to re work the internal layout as it is a bit odd and has a clinic waiting room vibe to it currently. This house needs a load of money. There are also a number of structural cracks in the side walls, there is damp under the flooring, damp in the converted attic under the skylights, the chimney is cracked and there is water ingress around the chimney coming in to the attic. You need to gut this house, redesign the layout and budget for a new kitchen, all new bathrooms, wardrobes, a new staircase would be a good idea, new heating, new plumbing, rewiring, new windows, new front door, new insulation, new gutters. and very probably a new roof.

Verdict, could be a great house with a LOAD of money spent, but it’s still going to be in a very poor location.