Marian Finucane. (Gilmore)

O my god is this guy our future.

Can’t remember if it was Sine Fein/workers party he was in.

Borrow 20 Bil at near 7%.

Mad to say it but we may have to forgive the Fine Fail party if this is the alternative.

Somebody should start up the Prop Pin Party.

can you translate please? Into english/french/german…Ta.


Can you add a link or put some context on your post please? Title doesn’t help…

Shocking performance by Eamon Gilmore.

Shockingly good or shockingly bad? I feel we need more information.

I only caught the very end but Eamonn Gilmore was just on Marion Finnucane, He must have said something about borrowing €20bn to build schools etc I didnt hear most of it so cant comment, Marion said that they had lots of calls sayng it was mad to start borrowing on this scale

Spoke for an hour. Said nothing.

I can’t understand why he isn’t going the completely populist route.

If he’s going to say nothing, at least say nothing that gets the people on your side.

Gilmore’s Joe Jacob moment??

This is a side issue but I am no longer able to listen to Marian Finucane.

As previously posted she receives an obscene amount of money for 4 hours airtime per week, ie half a million per annum, plus at least 10 weeks holiday.

Her behaviour, the behaviour of her agent and RTE is just about as obscene as that of banking executives.

And I’m switching off bigtime from other pompous, self-important overpaid RTE presenters as I see fit.

Hit their listenership and eventually RTE will change their tune.

What do you think?
I heard some of it. Finnucane was getting in to the nitty gritty of his political beginnings. He was wishy washy I thought.

Do you pay the TV licence fee?If you do then youre not switching off anything.

Hopefully Gilmore pointed out to her that we’re borrowing on a far greater scale to bail out Fianna Fail’s patrons with no chance of a return of any sort. At least with a targeted capital spend there would be a multiplier effect within the economy and we’d end up with some infrastructure we actually need. I’d also add that not a cent should be borrowed until ALL public sector pay has been cut by between 20 and 60%. If someone needs 80k plus to do the job then they should go elsewhere.

I caught the end myself - but that was the gist of his point - we are borrowing anyway and it should be targeted to capital projects to create employment.

Thanks OSB, I didn’t get to hear it, but it sounds to me like it was shockingly sensible.


Build. Build Build.

Pyramids. Pyramids. Pyramids.


Can we do nothing more than think of ourselves as nothing more than pygmy Egyptians.

Very shacky under the slightest bit of Policy questioning from Marian.

Top class from Marian, to expose him.

She could have really exposed him, but moved on, when he struggled

‘Mock not the blind nor deride the dwarf nor block the cripple’s path; don’t tease a man made ill by a god nor make outcry when he blunders.’ :laughing:

Duirt bean liom go nduirt bean lei

The country now knows how important market opinion is.
Paddy Power are always coming out with odd bets for the publicity.
Can I suggest they offer
our bond prices six months after a general election in which Labour do well
our bond prices six months after a general election in which Labour do moderately

The difference in odds would be a good current indicator of how credible Labour are to the kind of people who put their money where their mouth is

(You could do the same pairs trading on an exchange)

What else would you expect from a presenter who anagrams as Marian U Finance?? :open_mouth:

Marian complained on her show about dail deputies not been very visible in the chamber on Black Thursday after their 12 week holiday.
Just goes to show, if you only get 10 weeks holiday, a stack-load of money for a four hour work week you will be jealous of those who get 12 weeks holiday, get a bag load of money for a two hour work week.