Marie Hunt still upbeat on retail sector;s=rollingnews.htm

Correct me if I’m wrong, but does this “affordability” thing not apply if the price is lower?

Bonkers. Retail and Office is the next shoe to drop.

Been keeping an eye on this in recent weeks. Phase II was sold to private investors for 100million at a “projected yield” of c.4% earlier this year. Possibly (my lawyer’s term) leveraged up to their oxters.

Well, two of the outlets are still not yet let. I predict Howard’s Storage World is not long for this world given the prices I saw in there last week. Harvey Blaady Norman is the anchor tenant trying to flog the same flat-screen TVs and American style fridges that Curry’s are touting over in Phase I. Ditto for pricey furniture (I forget the name of the furniture store in Phase I).

As for PC World, no doubt people still buy computer equipment in stores like that instead of of getting it for half the price through the likes of Elara online.

I dunno. Big ticket items are first to get slashed in a recession. At least there is Heatons :slight_smile: And the coffee shop should be ok.

Why oh why don’t places like Carrickmines have at least one restaurant? A bookshop or two wouldn’t go astray either.

Every mall of this kind in the states has a couple of places to eat. it’s ideal people will tend to eat there later after the shoppers have moved on, so there’s ample parking right outside the door.

A big bookshop that stays open until 10pm would be fantastic.

The only reason I can see for it not happening over here is that someone has figured out that there’s no demand. For the same reason there was no book shop in Dundrum, I believe Hughes and Hughes are moving in eventually.

Do Irish people not read?


I remember hearing rumours about Hughes and Hughes moving to Dundrum when the centre opened, still no sign. There are at least eight shoe shops in centre, and not a single book shop. And Easons certainly doesn’t count - though perhaps they are there to pay lip service to that particular “niche”. To be honest it wouldn’t surprise me if there is little demand. For the main target demographic (12-18 kids and 20s-30s mummies) the likes of BT2 and House of Fraser would undoubtedly be a much bigger draw than a Waterstones or Hodges Figgis.

Yet another wonderful by product of our wonderful market fodder education system, children are not exposed to the concept of reading for leisure.

Bloomfields in Dun Laoghaire looks like Ulysses after the censor got at it. At least half of retail outfits are closing down. It only has itself to blame. You used to be able to get free parking if you bought a fizzbag in the Tesco store there. A few months ago some marketing genius jacked it up to a minimum spend of 30 euros. They use the same trick in the large supermarket they inexplicably maintain on the basement level of Dun Laoghaire Shopping Center. Up the other end of the town Minnie Peters has closed her overpriced furniture store and the place is up for sale. She’s relocated to Beacon South Quarter of all places.

Dun Laoghaire is like an aeroplane, only the central part is safe in high winds.

The council - run by arch-clamper Owen Keegan - has also done its bit to dissuade shoppers from going near the place by ratcheting up the parking charges to two euros an hour in DL and Blackrock, so that people no longer browse but just get in and out. In the Dundrum Center you get three hours for two euros.

They’ve done a lot to spruce up the town in recent years, to say nothing of the glorious offices they’ve had built for themselves. Pity they’ve decided they don’t want anyone to visit it or Blackrock anymore. They want them to go to Carrickmines or Stillorgan where the parking is free.

Borders in one of the Blanch retail parks is open until 10pm most weekday evenings. I know this to my cost. Its specialist sections are particularly good plus their selection of magazines puts Easons to shame.

I think you’ll find that Ireland has two things a) high library membership and b) lots of people buying from amazon and

On the other hand, given the lack of storage in the average luxury apartment for single occupancy…maybe it’s no surprise.

Really? That’s very interesting.

I never get out there so that passed me by completely. I’m not a big fan of going all the way out to Blanchardstown paying tolls etc, but I might just be take a little trip and see what’s happening.

Thanks for the tip.

Now if you can tell me where I can find an Applebees I’ll be eternally greatful.


I’ve hit borders a few times when I was out there, and been pretty happy with it. The cafe upstairs is a bit small but if you hit off peak it’s quite pleaurable.

Strange that a less posh area than Ddrum has more “amenities”.
I always found Dundrum lacked male “entertainment centres”, though reading is asexual.


…how this reminds me of my better days in Oregon.
There was one Borders located about 2 miles away and another one a little over 5 miles away.
Music to listen to, coffee to drink with some cookies, comfortable sofas to sit and read, a pleasurable environment to absorb new thoughts and considerations.

Some of that here please!