mark keenan back to spining bottoms

Was reading the home section of the Sunday times today 6/2/2011 and was absolutely blown away by the spin of mark keenan. How in the byjeasus can the times let this gobshite loose with a pen on the poor ‘screwed in the behind’ Irish public?? Amazed was I at the spew of utter scat I was reading.Keenan had the barefaced arse cheek to suggest the bottoming out of the crash in 2011 on the basis that some EAs thought as much esp. it seems in BOTH N. AND S. Tipp…

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There’s never been a better time to get into negative equity!

Is Mark Keenan related to Economic Guru of Independent Newspaper Brendan?

Have you noticed that he writes virtually everything in the supplement too? If you look to the second last page, that’s him again, cunningly disguised as a gardener! He also usually writes the main article.

He had a nasty habit for a while of featuring the same architects every second week. Now they only appear every 4th week :wink:

There was alot of waffle in the front page article but it did say that the rate of decline is slowing, not exactly bottoming out.
It predicted a 12% reduction in prices in 2011.
It also stated that this equated to a 3000/month saving on a 300K house.

Having said that, it gave examples of 5 bed detached houses in D6 going for ~800K in 2010 and that they will be going for ~700K in Jan 2012.
That is bollocks - gaffs that size in that area are generally still asking twice that - including new stuff coming to the market.

I agree with Mark.

I am fully convinced that I will be able to buy a 5 bed in Terenure for €450k:

Oh wait:

His lies were on the front page! It effectively said that seen as we were only seeing low double digit falls last year, the market was bottoming out.

How can this make it to the front page?

At least for a year or so, he admitted property was over priced, then on the flimsiest of excuses he is cheer-leading again.