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Your wish is my command, Objective Investor - and since I saw Harry Potter last night, I can even wave a magic wand and add a link to that Sindo article.

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This is Sindo genius. For everyone wondering why we haven’t reached the bottom yet, it’s cause we’ve already passed it!

An expert in this case is someone who knows lots about selling property. And who knows the most about selling property?


Come on. Get real! The mass media is antithetical to democracy as it currently operates.

It usurps the capacity of people to genuinely and democratically come to share their own concepts of things, and reach a shared understanding of what is in agreement and what is not in agreement. It has become merely a ‘feedback device’ to maintain stability in certain holding of concepts and understanding of reality that is necessary to the status quo. ie. reinforcement of a certain reality. - The institutional character of the device can be easily seen in its deeply entrenched routines, ties with the business and political establishment, promotion of the values of materialism and consumerism, conservative respect for the status quo, and how its ‘news’ is purely a commodity to be sold.

And it is open to manipulation of course. The kind of manipulation you highlight in your post is only a very crude sort of attempt at manipulation. The Sindo often gets ahead of themselves and full of themselves. Their power goes to their head. The phrase ‘if they had a brain in their head, they’d be dangerous’ is a fitting one for the Sindo. I posted a diagram of ‘how important the media is for democracy’ in another thread yesterday that illustrates its working - viewtopic.php?f=54&t=39505&p=522752#p522752

But we are not talking about democracy. It is something very far from a real democracy. As I think my diagram shows, it is a system of control that is far from the ideals of democracy as originally conceived and later expounded upon by men like Jefferson.


If you drop ‘past bottom’, it’s because it wasn’t the bottom.


Wow, a house builder - a likely source for independent and unbiased advice on the property market. And who is this random punter who we have never heard of before, Kevin McNerney of the Trusted Advisor Group? Have the usual suspects finally decided that they are utterly discredited and are afraid to call the bottom once more?

How this crap ends up on the front page of the most widely read paper in the country is beyond me. Paper was also full of Karl Deeter, Carol Hunt and friends harping on about debt forgiveness… Sindo now playing it as “The only game in town”, now where did we hear that before.

On the plus side, Georgia Salpa sure does look nice in the “life” jazz-mag…


The only people the press can legitimately call ‘experts’ are people like Morgan Kelly, Mc Williams etc
They are human like the rest of us, but at least they were considerably more right in their predictions than the ‘experts’ that article is abviously referring to
When someone like Morgan Kelly says we have reached a bottom then that will be news. Until then its the usual VIs perpetually calling the bottom…and its getting BORING!!


And that, my friend, is why this country is so fucked. Glad to see that Johnny Ronan had a great time at Glastonbury, what a rag. Hope it all works out between Georgia and Calum, can’t wait to find out more about Ireland’s great and glamorous people next week. One day that’ll be me and Johnny and Georgia and the gang all hanging out in Robbie Fox’s. How fucking retarded is this country?


I think its great that so many people believe what they want rather than the truth.
What is the medical term for a large group of people who dont live in the real world?
It has to be something better that ‘a collection of gobshites’ anyway.


Found it!


Arse by overeating, chair by Harland and Wolf. :-GC


Although your statement is true it seems to occupy 2 separate spaces and therefore has little meaning. Here are 2 statements which I think have more meaning;
a) In the reality space mass media as it currently operates is an integral part of our democracy as it currently operates.
b) In the theoretical space free media is an important part of democracy.

Together they imply that a shift towards greater accountability in the media industry, while still protecting its autonomy would have a positive impact on our democracy.

There are two separate terms as far as I’m aware, ‘psychotic’ and ‘religious’.

Really? So your plan is just to ignore things that you disagree with. This isn’t a good plan especially if you’re interested in a specific subject such as the property market, and since you’re posting on the property pin…


You and your bloody logic. The SIndo will decide where the ‘real’ bottom of the market is. Just like they were disappointed that the market never got a chance to hit its real peak because unpatriotic know-alls bad-mouthed it into decline before it could reach its full potential.

Seriously, is there a case for collating a whole bunch of this junk and submitting it as a whole to the Press Council?

  • Cheerleading on the way up
  • Cheerleading on the way down
  • Producing worthless polls by ‘Quantum Research’

I realise INM make up a chunk of the membership but it would at least embarrass them in front of their peers - it they have any shame left. By far the most annoying thing about the SIndo is that it manages to pass itself off as a broadsheet due to the size of the paper it uses, giving middle-aged middle-income middle-Ireland cover for buying a tabloid rag which contains almost no news.


“below bottom” translation, “In the shitter”.


I’m up for it, maybe it won’t do any good but I’m that angry at this stage I’m willing to voice my protests even if I think they’re falling on deaf ears.



Anyone who’s taking their investment and house buying advice from the Sunday Independent, at this stage, deserves all they get.

I think the Independent should publish nothing but “Ooooh! those rotten banks” and “Confidence is key” pieces up to, and beyond, the sovereign default and Euro implosion.

Let it continue to fulfil it’s true function - best to take as many Independent readers out of the financial gene pool as possible.


+1 Great post.


Yes, lets punish those who are less intelligent than you! Great idea, very progressive. And what is your plan for these people once they leave the financial gene pool? The reality of the situation is that we’ll have to support them - and probably pay back the loan they took out


There is surely a book in it for a ‘real’ journalist or writer - someone in the UK had one out recently enough on the state of the UK press, can’t remember now. Also reminds me of Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent and another book by John Pilger in a similar vein. At the least, the sindo deserves a website like

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Re rubbish journalism - if you haven’t already read it then run (don’t walk) to the bookshop and buy Nick Davies, Flat Earth News. I cannot recommend it strongly enough. Not by coincidence, he was also the journalist responsible for breaking the News of the World hacking stories.