Market is alive and kicking, says auctioneer MacDonald -Indo

I thought this was a classic in today’s Irish Independent …

Says it all.

Someone please go to their reception area ans take a photo :wink:

And then go to Heuston station and take a photo so we can compare.

He is being crafty. Doesn’t say which office. Wev site says Lower Baggott St. Is that right?

If so I will get one today.

I amn’t even going on like that… i should apply for a job in at Hooke and McDonald

Is Ken the guy who has his Blackrock house on the market?

Yes he is:
2 Newtown Park Ave Blackrock. Still at the pre acution AMV and subsequent listed aksing price of €2.4m - for over 12 months…

Imagine not being able to reduce the price of your house in order to sell it. He has boxed himself in completely.

Well, there you go. Proof that he believes what he is saying.

EDIT: Please do not make derogative remakrs about individual vendors, keep it to the reported facts.

This guy from HOK is picking his words very carefully.

  1. He is selling a lot of new homes currently, as Section 23 deadline has just hit. Investors are snapping these up, as it is a lucrative tax break.

  2. He compares volume of sales to last summer. I would suggest the downturn had started last summer, and volumes had actually started to drop at that stage. I say volume, because the total value may have remained high, but the number of properties selling was starting to drop

With the end of section 23 mania, there will be a real slump as this was the last artifical prop for the housing market.

More on this.

Has Ken been telling porkies? I must admit, I find it next to impossible to fathom what is going on with new homes because of off plan sales, multiple “launches” extremely long delivery times.

However, look at this excert from the Indo article:

Now look at this Irish times puff piece:

Now it does go on to say the following:

But it seems to imply that only a maximum of 25 would be sold.

This is the same for the other development he mentions.

Can someone straighten this out.

they probably launched 25 to work out how the prices would go down with the public and then re print the price list with some increases and some decreases and then banged up the rest. its like dipping your toe in the water to work out if you want to get in or not

Good to see a journalist asking some probing questions in relation to the property market, been a long time coming.
The article really does make Mac look pretty silly in my opinion.

The propertypin gets a mention

Very astute lads. 8)

Very good. It was kind of them to acknowledge the sources. They should stick around, plenty more where that came from.

Acceptance! Thats it lads we’ve made it to the big time 8) :wink:

What is that now stage 3? first ridicule, then denial and finally acceptance? is that how that one goes…

Its attributed properly, I have no problem with anything I say being quoted as long as the pin is correctly attributed.

Thumbs up to the tribune for having some sense, unlike the ‘paper of record’ :frowning: