Market is alive and kicking, says auctioneer MacDonald -Indo

Very good. It was kind of them to acknowledge the sources. They should stick around, plenty more where that came from.

Acceptance! Thats it lads we’ve made it to the big time 8) :wink:

What is that now stage 3? first ridicule, then denial and finally acceptance? is that how that one goes…

Its attributed properly, I have no problem with anything I say being quoted as long as the pin is correctly attributed.

Thumbs up to the tribune for having some sense, unlike the ‘paper of record’ :frowning:

Well if they’re reading the Pin they should take a look at this thread from earlier this week

Its about time the VIs started to be held to account for their increasingly ludicrous statements. Peoples futures are at stake and these boys have been allowed say what they damn well please by a very accommodating media. It would be nice if some of them were actually taken to task over the “advice” that they have been dishing out.

The Tribune game the property market a roasting thins Sunday. With these two articles.
“McDonald Fails to Hook a Buyer”
“Herd instinct leading us into a downturn”
Frankly It looks to me like they got most of the stuff for these two articles from the Pin. They admitted the first, they should have mentioned the Pin in the second too.
I wonder will they now accept a press release from the Pin? :wink:


Ken does not do sense of humour any more than he can sell his house 8)

I personally feel that he may have bagged the Golden Stiletto award for 2007 already . Its only a matter of sorting out the venue for the presentation now .

No way :open_mouth: When I read this article on Sunday I thought it was out of the ordinary, so it was a parting jibe at the bosses. The Tribune have now proved what yis all suspected, that the VIs run the media.

Way back in October 2006…

Will MacDonald be lovin’ it? … topic=9457

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
George Orwell

Fuppin’ hell… That’s something else… :open_mouth:

Is he wrong?

Is this for real? It seriously can’t be!

Unfortunately very real, and with a very sinister feel. … y-tribune/

Is who wrong?

I hope y’all have been using anonymous redirection sites based in Finland to post here?

There’s a lot of money at stake and the big boys are starting to run scared.

This site is hosted on an Irish server now which is a problem…

Its not a problem at all , the site carries no glossy advertising for Ken does it 8)

Whats the panic all of a sudden?

The VIs are coming