Markets nervous as Belgian coalition bid fails

Markets nervous as Belgian coalition bid fails -> … ls-3993814

Time to get the money out of Keytrade? :confused:

Belgium is some ways is a very good indication of just how badly run Ireland has been for the last decade or so.

The fall out from 14 years of Fianna Fáil governance is a 10 year Irish government bond yield at 9.2% (Friday 7th’s figure) the effect on Belgium of having no functioning government for 208 days is theirs increased to 4.14%.



Despite all the recent commentary from the IDA, The President and various government ministers, the reality is undeniable, as a result of government policy and inaction in variously promoting, supporting and “turning a blind eye” to the creation of the bubble, internationally we are now seen as a complete shambolic basket case.

Blue Horseshoe

Ah no, Blue Horseshoe, Belgium is a complete shambolic basket case. The words haven’t been invented to descibe Ireland, but “bust banana republic” comes close.

I stand corrected. :wink:

Blue Horseshoe

Follow the money! … HF&view=1Y

Tens of thousands march in Brussels to demand a government:

Sounds like they’re desperate. It occurs to me we might just be able to help them out.

Some streak: Belgium marks 250 days with no government -> … government

Imagine that, no government to saddle you with debts of others.


“shamrockbolic economy”?

“shamwreck republic”?? :open_mouth:

Oh my, this is so nerve-wrecking. I am still in the process of opening an account with Keytrade (only european bank that allows you to open an account without being present in the country AFAIK). We can’t keep our money in Ireland, Spain is another train-wreck (I’ve got accounts in Spain) and nobody knows what the English pound is going to do in the future against the euro. I am this close to digging a hole in the back garden, too bad is not even my own house! And please nobody go asking for my address… :wink:

Why would people be worried about Keytrade?

It is the Belgian offshoot of a French bank (with rumours that it is as a result of an affair with a Walloonian grenadier…).