Marking our 100 years independence by selling housing estate to absentee landlord polo player, to rent to foreigners whose rent we mostly pay

Michael plays high goal polo competitively in England Spain, France and the United States.He started playing polo at a young age with his father in Vermont and today plays against the top players in the world by competing in the Queens Cup, British Open, Gold Cup in Spain, and the high goal tournaments in Wellington, FL
La Indiana is the team name and is considered one of the most competitive teams in the world today. Michael was ranked the best polo Amateur in the world last year.

Just like the absentee landlord polo players of old, this one also has a local steward to manage affairs and collect rent

John Vaudin, managing director at Round Hill Capital (Ireland) said: “We’re delighted to complete another significant deal in the Irish build-to-rent sector, marking the third BTR accommodation deal for Round Hill Capital in Ireland since 2018.”

The minister warned about the consequences of banning any type of investment coming into the country.
“That would be a pretty radical move and might have unintended consequences — while it might be a good sound bite for people to throw out there and may be populist in that sense, it would have potentially very serious ramifications for investment in general.”

Good old Fianna Fáil, Maurice Ahern style they always have the bogeyman of “capital flight” to hand when anyone objects.


It’s D15. It’ll probably be migrants going in there in a lot of cases.

The Irish are just bystanders at this event now

Via HAP.

So not just bystanders, funders.

Feels great to do your bit doesn’t it.

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You either have a housing crisis or you do not. You can’t have both right? :man_shrugging:

Interview with Rory Hearne from Maynooth, sums up government housing policy for the last decade or so nicely…