Mary Harney Found Alive and Well in Bangkok

She had managed most of a planned 3 week holiday break …from what exactly one knows not… in Thailand staying in the 5* Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. But she was tracked down by the Paparrazz today looking sunny and well according to my sources. She was apparently a bit rude to the poor ole Paparrazz who were only doing their job :smiley:

She is tentatively booked to feck off for two weeks around Paddys day as well, after all she is not running for election in March and will surely deserve another two weeks entirely at the taxpayers expense by then.

Meanwhile the health service is a shambles and none of the Junior Ministers are prepared to head out to bat for ole Mary. The cowardly juniors are Barry Andrews TD John Moloney TD and that wan Áine Brady TD …all of whom have gone to ground for weeks at this stage.

The Papaarrazz should track those three sleeveens down in their lairs too.

Tis in the Tribune today. hopefully there’ll be a nice bikini shot in the papers tomorrow.
Moloney was on Rté radio earlier with pathetic excuses about trollies and insurers. He’s a former air traffic controller don’t you know

You’d think he could have arranged a soft landing for us :mrgreen:

If you listened to Jimmy Sheehan on TodayFM this morning, it is clear that the real problem in the health service is the power of the unions and their unwillingness to roll with the major reforms required.

I would say that James Reilly is brickin’ it as a coalition with Labour is going to do nothing to force the unions to shift. Bringing in more private health providers rather than more insurers is what we need. The state can pay those who provide the best service most efficiently.

There is no doubt that Mary Harney has failed but it makes no difference now whether she is on holidays or not.

Oh, if only this story could have a “happy ending”.


Harney lives it up in Far East luxury as Ireland ails - Mark Hilliard → … ireland-a/

Another big thank you to FF et al for giving much, much more power to the unions under their various partnership programmes.

I know a few people within the health service, front line and departmental management levels, they dislike their union ‘overlords’ and the way in which the service is run. There is a desire for reform within the service, from those who deliver and manage the front line levels of care, yet the union bosses are opposed to it as it will undermine their power base, which they want to cling to power just as much and any politico, rather than see a functioning, cost effective and fit for purpose service delivering care in a caring way.

The successive governments under this administration have colluded with the union bosses to pervert the public service into a private power base.

Blue Horseshoe

Fully agree Blue Horseshoe. I’m front line public sector health and many of my work colleagues and i feels exactly the same way. We’re sick of the pathetic game playing that goes only above our heads.

The silent majority have nothing to fear from reform and actively welcome it, but the whole agenda gets hijacked by the militant unions and the HSE cronies who engage in game playing in an attempt to maintain the status quo

The Peninsula Hotel, meh, ain’t all that :unamused:

Compare and contrast the Peninsula Hotel with St James Hospital A&E Department.

No wonder this state is a very failed state.

She’s on her own privately organised holiday, not a state-sponsored junket. I am surprised that the Tribune is resorting to this kind of gutter journalism.

Yea, I kind of thought the same, but then I thought feic it, it’s Mary Harney. And it is a 3 week stay in a 5 star resort when record numbers are on trolleys and swine flu cases are on the increase. I know plenty of people, myself included, that in the past had to re-arrange holidays when the shit hit the fan in work. All shoulders had to be put to the wheel.

Remember something similar happening to Tony Hayward with the BP spill.

Or the way Noel Dempsey was out shovelling salt last January; or the way Gormless was highly visible over Christmas while people had no water…Hang on :imp: :imp: :imp:

Or the way that there has been an efficient investigation of the root cause of the flooding of Cork City more than a year ago, that such investigation has been put to public review and comment and listened to, that those who caused the issue have apologized, that responsbility has been taken, that we can be sure that adequate measures have now been taken to ensure that this will not happen again.

NOT! What a country!

Evacuate Cork? 8DD

I should certainly fkn hope so, we pay her enough and she gets 33 days Xmas holidays.

If I understand correctly, Louise Minihan, the Eirigi councillor who threw paint at Harney was granted free legal aid. So we pay Minihan a councillor salary, we pay for her to be prosecuted and now we pay her to defend ourselves. Are all our systems in this state fcuked?

And seeing as she isn’t paying a penny herself; she has seen fit to plead Not-Guilty & will drag out the whole absurd spectacle, when the dogs in the street know that she is guilty of exactly what she is accused of !

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