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Ferriter fairly takes Robinson to task; however he doesn’t mention the owner of the proposed building… presumably for legal reasons?

sounds like the Bourke/Robinsons are a bit like the Clintons - ostensibly concerned with the public good but always seem to make out like bandits on the back of their concerns

Who’ll be the Curator? Will they be handpicked by the Burke family?

Who in Nuig is pushing for this? Sounds like it needs to be investigated by the C&AG
€6 million of State money has already been allocated to the project

I understand an entire wing of the library is given up to her writings on The Art of Nodding.

Champagne Socialist from the Labour party makes a killing off the Irish taxpayer…move along, nothing new to see here

Ferriter’s articles can be a bit off-kilter but this one is spot on.

At best it’s a vanity project. At worst it’s a (legal) tax avoidance exercise and a chance to offload some family property.

FYI: the best price with a Ballina address this year was €350k, from the townland it seems a bit out of town and is presumably a McMansion.

Apartments (for those suggesting there is a housing crisis in Ireland) can be picked up for <€40k…


the fact that Ferriter didn’t or couldn’t mention the ownership of the building stinks

The full list from the Mary Robinson Centre website. What a treasure trove! Dated law books, old magazines and boxes of files. And a lamp.

Presumably there will need to be a sophisticated security system put in place to protect the Cassette Tapes.

Here’s an alternative (and perhaps more appropriate) setting for Mary’s knick-knacks. That money that’s been set aside should cover it for, oh, about five thousand years or so.


that would be better than the climate justice reading room. she’s prattling on about farting cows, and people should turn vegan to reduce their carbon footprints

anyone else ever hear of this huge success?

Whoooah, that guy is clearly nuts. They shouldn’t publish letters like that which just cause embarrassment to his friends and family.

Edit: Or maybe he’s just being sarcastic? But then why? ffs.

I assumed this guy was being sarcastic … then I realised to my horror that maybe he wasnt!

Because the IT love witty sarcastic letters, especially from those readers in Sth Dublin

Did he not read aloud his letter before posting it! The fact he accentuated that the money was spent at the height of the madness points to this guy being a ‘local’ fundamentlaist

I’m really confused by this one.

“How easily they forget! Diarmaid Ferriter clearly has forgotten rule number one: you cannot criticise Mary Robinson, ever!” Ok. That’s sarcasm. And I get it. Some people feel that journalists don’t write enough shit things about MR. Does she deserve more criticism? I don’t think so. She’s well regarded around the world for highlighting important issues and certainly while she was President she was widely regarded as a good one.

“This rule was brutally beaten into us as children (and adults) by those mean people called journalists who ruled the land by fear throughout the 1990s.” Well, that never happened so obviously it’s a sarcastic response to the previous sarcastic line? Possible by another, separate voice in the author’s own head? It makes no sense. It sets off alarm bells for me.

"It was horrible, just horrible. Some day, maybe, when we have the courage, we might expose them for what they did."Now he’s reaffirming it, so that implies that the original sarcasm was intended to be mocking and that anyone who feels that they can’t criticise MR is being a bit stupid?

"Not great for a historian to be forgetting such important and contextual information. Maybe he might write about it some day."So where are we now? Is this sarcasm? Obviously the ‘important and contextual information’ was nothing of the sort, so I assume it is meant to be sarcastic? But then where are we going with this? And why?

Ffs, it’s rubbish.

That one made me smile. It’s a sly reference to journalists constantly banging on about how Ireland was ruled by fear in past decades. Can’t believe you don’t get it. There was a prime example of a journalist doing it in another Pin thread literally this morning.

I got the reference alright, but it makes no sense to introduce it. It’s all absurd.

Maybe one man’s witty sarcasm is another man’s off-colour tasteless remark? :smiley: